Halle Berry Debuts Her Return To Her X-Men Haircut In A Sheer Corset In New Photos

By Michileen Martin | 2 months ago

halle berry

This year could very well be the Year of Halle Berry. With both Netflix’s Bruised and Roland Emmerich’s latest disaster epic Moonfall, the actress has come back in a big way, including accepting a prestigious award at this year’s Critics Choice Awards. While there, Berry treated the adoring public to a sheer white corset along with a very “Stormy” hairdo.

In the pictures below, shared to her Instagram, Halle Berry showed off the corset and black power suit, along with her new silver-grey locks reminiscent of her time as Ororo Munroe aka Storm of the X-Men. The images also show the SeeHer Award she was honored with this past weekend, and in one shot we see her with her boyfriend Van Hunt. You can check out all the images below.

Halle Berry was presented her SeeHer Award on Sunday by Issa Rae of Insecure fame. As noted by People, the award is meant for women who prove themselves to embody the value of the SeeHer movement, i.e. those who create accurate portrayals of girls and women in popular media. Berry gave an inspiring speech when she accepted the award, recalling that she once thought if she could grab a role meant for a white man, it would mean she was succeeding. “But you know what, wanna know why that didn’t work?” Berry said. “Because, if you didn’t know, I’m not a white man.” This, she said, is why she’s grateful to live in a time when women are telling their “own stories.”

Halle Berry enjoyed a massive success last year with her directorial debut of the Netflix sports drama Bruised. Starring as a disgraced MMA fighter, Berry wound up with the top streamed film in the United States. The film racked up 47.7 million hours of streaming within the first five days of its release, and the win was not ignored by Netflix. In November, news emerged that Berry signed a deal with the streamer to produce and star in more Netflix original films. While no concrete numbers were released, we’re guessing Berry won’t be going hungry.

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Considering some of the more recent developments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the fact that Halle Berry showed up at the Critics Choice Awards with a haircut that practically screams “Storm” is more than a little interesting. Patrick Stewart is widely believed to be reprising the role of Professor X in the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and of course there’s Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s reappearances as their versions of Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Could it be that Berry is sporting the hair because she is filming, or already has filmed, scenes in an upcoming Marvel release as Storm?

There is always another possibility. It could be that Halle Berry has not yet been tapped to reprise the role of Ororo Munroe, but that the hairstyling is her way of not-so-subtly “auditioning” for the role. Toward the end of last year, Berry told Vanity Fair she would love to return to the role in an upcoming film.