Halle Berry Is Posting Topless Photos Again

By Faith McKay | 1 month ago

halle berry

What is the 54-year-old Halle Berry up to these days? Posting topless photos online, again. The actress has said that before 2001’s Swordfish, in her younger years, she had fears about being taken seriously in the industry. Once she felt she’d proven herself, to herself, she felt more comfortable moving forward with her first time undressed on screen. These days, she’s sharing more of her life on Instagram and that includes more skin.

See the most recent photo Halle Berry has shared below.

Similarly, she posted a short video of herself and her boyfriend Van Hunt topless on Valentine’s Day. That particular post may have been an advertisement for MeUndies and had a more playful feel. This most recent post only included a caption that said “naked truth…” and seems to have a more arty feel with the different light sources and palms creating lines across her form. She seems to be having fun experimenting with her Instagram posts these days. She’s probably killing time while she waits for Bruised to hit Netflix this year, like the rest of us.

Bruised is Halle Berry’s directorial debut. After so many years in the industry, this is a huge occasion for Berry’s career, which has taken more time to reach general audiences than usual due to the pandemic. In 2020, it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival as a work in progress. Netflix bought the rights for the film at the festival with a rumored eight-figure deal. The streaming service has yet to share a release date, though the movie is expected to premiere this year. The story follows Berry as she plays an aging MMA fighter working to regain custody of her six-year-old son while also restarting her career.

When Halle Berry first became attached to this project as an actress, she had no plans to direct the movie. However, as they interviewed potential directors, she didn’t meet anyone who she felt could bring the story to the screen. That’s when she realized that she should work to do this herself, even if she was terrified at the time.

halle berry

Getting in shape to play an MMA fighter was not something new for Halle Berry. She’s talked about stepping up to the plate for projects before, like when she decided to appear in John Wick 3 alongside Keanu Reeves. While appearing in X-Men, action movies, the Catwoman suit, and naked in films like Swordfish and Monster’s Ball would make many actresses self-conscious, Halle Berry seems to be becoming only more confident and comfortable in her skin as she ages. This confidence is perhaps being translated into other parts of her life, as she becomes a director and continues to grow in her career.

Next up for Halle Berry is Moonfall, a Roland Emmerich science-fiction thriller set to premiere sometime in 2022, though it isn’t clear when yet. Filming has already wrapped on the production. While we know that the plot sees the moon knocked out of orbit and set for collision with earth, ending life on the planet, we don’t yet know what role Berry plays in the movie. She must be in a science-fiction mood because she is also currently gearing up to soon start production for The Mothership, this one with a more family-centered storyline where she discovers an extraterrestrial object under her home a year after her husband goes missing. She’ll be working with her kids to discover the truth.

None of these projects have release dates though, so the best way to keep up with Halle Berry for the moment is following her on Instagram.