See Halle Berry Skateboarding Without Pants On

By James Brizuela | 2 months ago

halle berry

Halle Berry has all become a household name at this point in her career. She has appeared in tons of film and television projects dating back to 1989. The 55-year-old actress also happens to be one of the most beautiful women on the planet. She recently took to her Instagram to show off her skateboarding skills. While skating is surely fun, Berry decided to take things a more dangerous route as she was seen without shoes or pants on. You can see the photo below:

The above photo shows Halle Berry on what is known as a longboard. While typical skateboards are meant for vert and street skating, longboards are typically used for more of a cruising type of ride. That could be why she decided to skate freely without any pants or shoes on, but either way, that is still dangerous. Berry’s entire outfit screams out a summer aesthetic. From her bikini bottoms, star sunglasses, and palm tree backdrop, this is certainly the type of weather is enjoyed in Southern California. Could be the Los Angeles area, considering Hollywood is the prime area in which most celebrities live. She currently has 7.6 million followers and her pantless skating picture has already racked up 250,000 likes. It sure sounds as if fans prefer this longboard relaxed look.

Halle Berry is fresh off her directorial debut in 2020. Her film, Bruised, was directed by and starred Berry. The film is centered around a former MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter who has fallen on hard times. Jackie Justice must find her way to break through the barriers of adversity since her embarrassing last defeat and make her way back into the real-life UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). Since the film debuted, she has become a bit of UFC royalty, as she has been shown at plenty of fights, including the more recent UFC 272, which took place on March 5th.

As previously mentioned, Halle Berry has been a mainstay in Hollywood since the late 1980s. Her career has seen a great amount of success, including her Academy Award-winning performance in 2002’s Monster’s Ball. She was nominated and won the award for Best Actress. Berry’s most recent foray into acting was that of her role in the box office flop, Moonfall. While that film is certainly not the one to judge in her illustrious career, it was a failure by all measure.

Halle Berry is clearly not fazed by the success or failure of Moonfall, as she is continuing her domination of the box office with the newest sci-fi adventure, she is a part of. The Mothership is currently in post-production and is likely to see a 2022 release. Berry stars as Sara Morse, whose husband mysteriously disappears. Morse finds an extraterrestrial object below her house and attempts to uncover the truth. This film certainly sounds like an exciting thriller. One thing is for sure, maybe her next starring film could be her skating at the beach. She looks fantastic in that regard.