Halle Berry Poses In See-Through Leopard Print In Latest Posts

By Jacqueline Lindenberg | 3 months ago

Halle Berry

Halle Berry has been on the Hollywood scene for quite some time, and has played some iconic roles in films such as Catwoman and Monster’s Ball. The starlet has been acknowledged for her acting talent and how she gives it her all into a role to bring a character and story to life. Berry is also known for her impeccable style, especially on the red carpet. Berry uploaded a few posts on Instagram showcasing a shoot with British Vogue and some gorgeous outfits that she wore. The actress might be 55 years old, but in a jaw-dropping, see through leopard print dress, she doesn’t look a day over 25. 

On a few Instagram posts, Halle Berry showed some behind the scenes photos and videos of what it was like to be on the set of the British Vogue photoshoot. In a photo that the actress posted, Berry was wearing a see through, cut out leopard dress. She was wearing the fashionable outfit as if she was walking the runway. The back of the dress reaches past her ankles, but rises at the front, with some pieces artfully cut out at the upper waist area. The sleeves are long and a bow is tied at the front of her neck to pull the look all together. According to Page Six, the leopard print dress was Dolce & Gabbana. The photo also expressed how confident she felt in the dress. In the captain, Berry stated, “Sometimes you have to take on a walk on the wild side.” Check out the glamorous post below. 

Halle Berry also posted a video showing the dress in movement and also her posing for the camera. In the video, Berry is standing on what looks like a rooftop or balcony. The sun is blaring down on her with the Los Angeles city skyline magnificently standing out in the background. The dress flows gracefully in the slight Southern California breeze. Berry also showed off another dress which was a little more full and let’s say…feathery. The dress is almost like a ballgown with various colors layered on the dress such as tan and shade of orange. The actress can be seen speedily crossing the sidewalk near the classic Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. In the video, Berry looks very happy and comfortable, obviously having an amazing time in the clothes. In the video caption, Berry stated, “Fashion may be my second favorite F word…absolutely loved this shoot with @britishvogue.” 

The talented actress seems to have a passion for both acting and fashion. Her red carpet fashion is always on point, no matter the style of dress. Berry has been in the Hollywood scene for years, and has gotten an Academy Award for Best Actress along that path. According to People, in an interview on Soul of a Nation Presents: Screen Queens Rising, Berry brought up her feelings about how she was the first black woman to receive such an award and how the fight has been long and consistent. “Obstacle after obstacle, fight every single day,” Berry had stated. 

Her constant motivation has led Halle Berry to her success, and in her recent Instagram posts, her happiness and confidence can definitely be seen. Berry has taken on many roles in the past, and her most recent is in a film titled, Moonfall, a space thriller. We will definitely be seeing more of Halle Berry’s passion for fashion for years to come, from red carpet premieres to exciting photo shoots.