See Halle Berry Posing In A Plunging Neckline Mini Dress For Moonfall’s Premiere

By David Harrison | 3 months ago

halle berry

Halle Berry is about to premiere a major science fiction/ disaster film in the next few days, bringing on a fight against, of all things, the Moon. It’s an “interesting” concept from a director that’s sort of specialized in this kind of ridiculous premise to make huge blockbusters. And to celebrate the premiere of the film, Halle Berry took to the runway to show off some new fashion. It’s easy to see why the actress has been such a major star over the years, able to appear in a variety of films over her career. Sometimes they are serious and other times they are, well, this upcoming one. 

On Instagram, Halle Berry showed off the solid fashion sense, sporting a Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini dress which she was quick to reference. From a celebrity standpoint, this has become somewhat commonplace, touting the garb as part of the overall proceedings. It used to be something reserved just for the red carpet shows, but now folks have their own direct line to fans out there. Check out how Halle Berry celebrated the Moonfall premiere and then let’s get into what’s in store for the actress. 

Moonfall is coming from writer/ director Roland Emmerich who’s made his bones with just this kind of film over the years. For the most part, the bigger the action the better as far as he’s concerned even if the plot points can trend towards the ridiculous. No matter, that’s why we have big-budget movies. Others in his wheelhouse include The Day After Tomorrow, Independence Day, White House Down, 2012, Godzilla, 10,000 B.C. This latest one stars Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson as astronauts who’ve just figured out that the moon is heading straight towards Earth thanks to an evil source that has taken over the massive space rock. That’s going to cause major problems for everyone still alive on our planet, something we are going to see early and often in this flick. 

But in terms of action movies with big budgets, it’s not like Halle Berry is out of her depth here. She’s taken part in big franchises in the past including the original X-Men movies, playing Storm in all three of the original trilogy. Plus she recently took part in the John Wick franchise with Keanu Reeves. And who could forget her turn as Ginger Ale in the Kingsman: The Golden Circle? 

Though of course, Halle Berry isn’t just successful because she can fill up the screen in the biggest of films. She just recently made her directing debut on Netflix with Bruised. She also starred in the flick which tells the story of a down-and-out former MMA fighter who is trying to make one last comeback in the ring to save herself and her son. The movie received mixed reviews, currently sitting at 52% on Rotten Tomatoes though Berry was generally complimented for her acting and direction. Most of the issues came from the script itself. 

Next up after Moonfall for Halle Berry will be another sci-fi film in The Mothership. In it, Berry will play a (maybe) widow whose husband had disappeared. But it might be in connection with the mysterious alien object hiding under the house. Feels like too big a coincidence, no?  But before then, make sure to catch her in Moonfall which will hit theaters this week on February 4th.