See Halle Berry Transform Into a Sexy Cleopatra

By Faith McKay | 17 seconds ago

Halle Berry

Halle Berry is seeing another high point in her career. She’s just released her directorial debut. Bruised rose to the top of Netflix’s charts. Soon thereafter, the streaming service signed a multi-picture deal with the star. The end of 2021 is going very well for the actress. In the middle of all this, she somehow found time to sign a new advertising deal, which led to her getting to play the historic Cleopatra. She shared a video with her 7+ million Instagram followers showing off her golden transformation.

See Halle Berry’s transformation process to become Cleopatra in the video below.

In the video above, Halle Berry shows her fans the golden makeup used to create her full look, the jewelry choices she got to work with, and the dress that helped her pull the Cleopatra look together. She then showed the photoshoot she took part in as part of the process. While this was all done for an advertising campaign, it looks like a lot of fun was had in creating such an iconic look for her character.

Below, you can see the advertisement for Caesars that got Halle Berry all dressed up. She starred in the video opposite J.B. Smoove as Caesar.

In just a one-minute spot for an advertising campaign, Halle Berry pulls off a regal character fit for an iconic historic figure like Cleopatra. While it wasn’t much, it looks like she had fun. With a Cleopatra movie starring Gal Gadot on the way, it’s unlikely she’ll get to star in a movie as the character anytime soon, but the advertisement certainly makes a case for it.

Not that Halle Berry isn’t busy enough elsewhere. With Bruised finally released, she’s already talking about her future vision for her work as a director. Previously, the actress starred in Catwoman, a movie that failed with critics and at the box office. During a recent interview, she made it known that she’d jump at the chance to direct a new Catwoman film today. In her second chance with the character, she’d like to see the starring character getting to step up and take on bigger, more interesting challenges. She didn’t say if she’d also want to play the lead character in her second chance making a Catwoman movie. It’s possible she’d like to direct a solo project for Zoë Kravitz, who is currently set to play the character opposite Robert Pattinson in The Batman.

As an actress, fans are currently waiting to see her in Roland Emmerich’s upcoming science-fiction disaster movie, Moonfall. The movie will see Halle Berry playing Jo Fowler, a NASA executive and former astronaut trying to save the world. Moonfall releases in movie theaters on February 4, 2022. She is also soon to be seen in a very different science-fiction movie called The Mothership, where she is struggling to find her husband and the father of her children. The search intensifies when she discovers an extraterrestrial object hidden under their farmhouse. The movie doesn’t have a firm release date but is set to stream on Netflix at some point in 2022.