Gwyneth Paltrow Is Going To Trial Over A Bizarre Ski Accident

Gwyneth Paltrow is being sued for allegedly injuring a fellow skier and leaving him to fend for himself.

By Britta DeVore | Published

gwyneth paltrow

When it comes to celebrities making headlines and being taken to court, folks like Danny Masterson and Harvey Weinstein have taken the cake in recent days on stomach-churning allegations. Making waves on a smaller, yet still very serious level, The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Gwyneth Paltrow will be appearing on the stand this week in Park City, Utah after allegedly crashing into a man while skiing at Deer Valley Resort and then leaving him unaided in the snow. The event allegedly happened back in 2016 and Paltrow had a ski instructor by her side with the victim claiming that neither one of them stopped to help claimant Terry Sanderson.

While zooming her way down one of the resort’s beginner slopes, Gwyneth Paltrow allegedly crashed into the back of Sanderson who alleges that he ended up with quite a few injuries from the accident including a brain injury, concussion, and four broken ribs among others. At the time, the retired optometrist was 69 years old and was enjoying a day of fun in the snow with a group of friends. In his initial statement, the alleged victim said that he was heeding signs on what’s known as the “Bandana” run that instructed skiers to “slow down”.

As he slowed his speed, Sanderson said that he heard a “hysterical scream” and then was plowed into from behind which in turn made him tumble out of control down the mountain. Taking his account of his harrowing encounter with Gwenyth Paltrow to the court, Sanderson first filed the lawsuit in January 2019 for $3.1 million in damages. Filed three years after the events took place, Sanderson would eventually change his asking settlement for an “amount to be proven at trial.”

Following the initial filing by Sanderson, Gwenyth Paltrow counterclaimed in February 2019, stating that she was in fact the victim of the collision and that Sanderson was the uphill skier. Countering “symbolic damages” of $1 plus legal fees, the Goop CEO has promised that she’ll donate any money that she receives to charity. Disgusted by her fellow skiers’ actions, Paltrow said that Sanderson was using his claims in an attempt to “exploit her celebrity and wealth” adding that he was fine when an instructor checked on him.

Thinking back on what she remembers as a traumatic day, the Shakespeare in Love actress recalls feeling “shaken and upset” following the collision. She added that while he apologized, the event left her feeling wary of continuing to ski and that she stayed off the mountain for the rest of the day. Furthermore, Gwyneth Paltrow’s counter filing called Sanderson’s alleged injuries into question as he was looked over by a doctor who didn’t uncover any major cognitive injuries at that time – adding that the man had already suffered from an array of medical issues before the collision on the slope.

With the hearing just getting started this week, it’s unclear how things will shake out between the Marvel actress and her alleged victim. Along with Gywneth Paltrow, several Deer Valley employees were named in the lawsuit as well as the resort itself.