Gina Carano Stirs Controversy With Comparison Between Vaccines And Harvey Weinstein

By Faith McKay | 7 days ago

gina carano

Gina Carano was fired from The Mandalorian because she repeatedly posted controversial opinions on social media. If someone thought she would learn a lesson to steer clear of her previous patterns on social media, they would be terribly mistaken. After being fired from The Mandalorian, Gina Carano got a new job with Ben Shapiro and became a voice against cancel culture. From her perspective, while she may have lost in some ways, she has been applauded and is sticking to her own beliefs, continuing to post her opinions on social media, typically via memes. These opinions are anti-vaccination, anti-mask, transphobic, alt-right, and she likes sharing them in the most attention-grabbing way possible. So now she’s using Spider-Man memes to compare vaccination mandates to Harvey Weinstein, a sexual predator.

Using the popular meme photo of two Spider-Mans pointing at each other, Joe Biden is written on one of the pair. President Joe Biden has a mandate for federal employees that requires them to be vaccinated against Covid-19. Harvey Weinstein, convicted of sexual assault and rape, is the other Spider-Man. The two are pointing at each other, to say they are the same. And then at the top of the meme it says, “You put this thing in your body or lose your job.”

Before Gina Carano was fired from her role on The Mandalorian, she had a long string of controversial social media posts. Audiences had tweeted using hashtags demanding she be fired throughout the year prior to her being fired. It’s been assumed that Lucasfilm was prepared to fire her when it happened, but when it finally did, it was after a social media post from her Instagram stories that had been deemed anti-semitic. The actress and social media influencer made a post suggesting that being a republican in the United States was similar to being Jewish in Nazi-occupied Germany. Clearly, the controversial comparisons are not a thing she is ready to steer away from.

After everything, many might assume that the only people still seeing Gina Carano’s social media posts are those likely to agree with her statements. However, that’s not the case. Many are not too pleased with her recent post.

While some people are still replying to Gina Carano with disappointment, she still has many followers who are there specifically for her political viewpoints. Lately, most of her tweets have been focused on an anti-vaccination stand. She doesn’t talk about her work as an actress often in recent days.

Why is Gina Carano currently talking about Harvey Weinstein? The convicted rapist has been in the news the past couple of days after Elijah Wood shared that director Peter Jackson hated Harvey Weinstein. So much so that Peter Jackson designed one of the orcs in Lord of the Rings to look like Weinstein. Elijah Wood also shared his dislike of Weinstein. This had his name grabbing more attention, which brought him up as a topic bound to gain fresh attention for controversial social media posts.