Gina Carano Continues Anti-Mask Tweeting Despite Increased Calls For The Mandalorian To Fire Her

By Drew Dietsch | 7 months ago

gina carano mandalorian

Gina Carano has become a major talking point for fans of The Mandalorian. She has been the center of a movement on social media – #FireGinaCarano – and it isn’t looking like things are quieting down. Why exactly have fans of the Star Wars show started giving her the Amber Heard treatment? There are a few reasons, but right now, it seems like one of the main ones is the actress’s stance towards wearing a mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Gina Carano took to Twitter after #FireGinaCarano became the top trending hashtag this past Saturday. The subject that she decided to focus on was spreading anti-mask images and memes. Here is her most recent tweet as of this writing:

There has been a sudden surge of people deciding to make wearing a mask a political statement. Gina Carano has decided to align her views with these groups. This has caused a number of Mandalorian fans to dislike her. Add to that the fact that Carano has been accused of other controversial viewpoints. Check out this tweet that used the #FireGinaCarano tag:

As you can see, Gina Carano holds a number of opinions that make her a contentious figure. Because of this, the #FireGinaCarano movement is attempting to have her removed from her position as Cara Dune in The Mandalorian. As of now, the character has yet to appear in the show’s second season, but promotional materials have revealed we will be seeing her again. Exactly how prominent she will be is unclear at this time.

It won’t be possible for Gina Carano to be removed from this current season of The Mandalorian, but will the #FireGinaCarano narrative maintain its steam? Could the character of Cara Dune be retired after this season? Or would Disney entertain the idea of recasting the role if Carano remains too controversial a figure to hire? We have seen Johnny Depp be deposed from a major franchise role. Could the same fate be in store for Carano?

Gina Carano Mandalorian

With the COVID-19 pandemic ramping up once again, it is dangerous for Gina Carano to use her platform to spread this kind of misinformation. It is undeniable that wearing masks helps to stop the spread of the disease. Turning the idea of wearing a mask into a political statement is creating the idea that not wearing one is some sign of nobility. If Carano is going to stay with that opinion, she is clearly welcome to express it. However, it looks like her free speech is having consequences.

We will have to keep our eyes on Gina Carano and this developing situation. More than ever, fans are able to make their voices heard to the people in power. If there is an overwhelming majority of Mandalorian fans who express a dislike for Carano, it is very possible that the show’s second season could end up being her last. It is going to be interesting seeing if Carano continues to publicly express these opinions and whether or not Disney is going to support her or drop her.