Gina Carano Tempts Twitter Ban With Latest Post

By Faith McKay | 3 weeks ago

gina carano

In the months before Disney fired Gina Carano from The Mandalorian, her name was often trending on Twitter. Hashtag campaigns were everywhere. People wanted to see her fired after a history of controversial social media posts that were allegedly transphobic, anti-vaccination, racist, and otherwise, controversial. It’s hard to imagine that being fired was shocking after seeing #FireGinaCarano as a global trending topic repeatedly for months, but she says she was quite surprised. When Disney fired her, she repeatedly said she was “utterly shocked“. This was surprising in itself, since before it actually happened, she did interviews where she was asked about what she was doing and the risks she was taking. She had proudly told The Federalist Radio Hour that she was speaking up against “wokeism” and the risk was worth it. Still, it seems, she didn’t expect repercussions to actually happen. Today, it increasingly seems likely that she is on that same path, though this time, it’s a road headed toward a ban on Twitter.

Six months ago, Gina Carano’s entire Twitter account had a “sensitive media” warning over it. In order to load her account, you had to first click on a warning that accepted that you were about to see something “potentially sensitive”. Shortly thereafter, her Instagram account got the same treatment. Two weeks ago, one of her individual tweets, allegedly expressing an anti-vaccination viewpoint, had the “misinformation” tag attached to it. Yesterday, she again posted on Twitter about the pandemic and vaccinations, this time via a meme.

Eight months ago, Twitter rolled out a new system wherein they tag posts to label them as “misinformation” or “sensitive” material. This rollout included a strike system, wherein if you earned enough strikes, you were banned from the platform. According to Twitter, the system does include warnings sent to the account holder, informing them that they’re on a path toward a ban from the platform. It’s unknown if they have been following through and sending Gina Carano these warnings or what she makes of them if she is.

However, the system as it is laid out would definitely make one think that eventually, Twitter will ban her. They eventually banned former US president Donald Trump. When they did so, they assured the public that even if he is elected to be president for a second term, he will not be allowed to return to the platform. It’s hard to imagine that something like celebrity makes a Twitter user like Gina Carano immune when the platform is willing to deny an account under those circumstances.

Are Gina Carano’s Twitter posts controversial enough to get her banned? That will be something for Twitter to decide, but with such a long history of “misinformation” tags building up behind her, it does seem likely to eventually happen. The misinformation tags are meant to be a warning system to help users keep their accounts and stay within the acceptable content policies on platforms like Twitter. As Gina Carano ignored the warning signs leading up to losing her job on The Mandalorian, it seems likely that she may also elect to ignore the warning signs from Twitter. If a ban happens, it may “utterly shock” her.

Outside of social media, Gina Carano is currently working on a western called Terror on the Prairie.