Fire Gina Carano Trends Again, Accused Of Making Anti-Semitic Remarks

By Drew Dietsch | 4 months ago

gina carano

Gina Carano is once again finding herself at the center of the #FireGinaCarano movement as the popular hashtag is taking off on Twitter once again. This time, it is in relation to perceived anti-Semitic remarks she appears to have made on her Instagram account.

A purported screenshot from Gina Carano’s account shows her sharing the below image and text from Warrior Priest Gym & Podcast where she seems to agree with a comparison between being a Jewish person during the lead-up to the Holocaust and being perceived as persecuted for one’s own political views. You can see the screenshot in the tweet below:

This is just another piece of fuel to the ongoing fire around Gina Carano’s controversial status. She has put out a number of highly contested tweets in the past across a range of subjects. One subject that has brought her under fire is her apparent belief that the 2020 presidential election was not a fair one – Trump’s own Attorney General said there was no widespread fraud in the election – as she very strongly implied in this tweet:

Another facet to Gina Carano’s outspoken beliefs that has garnered criticism and added to the #FireGinaCarano movement is her stance on mask-wearing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Carano has shared opinions that are pretty easily read as anti-mask sentiments as seen here:

As if that wasn’t enough, Gina Carano has also been accused of making transphobic comments as well. She once changed her profile account on Twitter with a poor attempt at a joke that mocked the idea of putting pronouns in one’s profile to help normalize gender identity on social media.

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Exactly why Gina Carano seems adamant about showcasing her political views in very public forums is a bit confusing considering the amount of trouble it continues to bring her. And it looks like it has been causing issues with her most prominent employer, Disney. Rumor has it she has had to make some kind of apology to the powers-that-be at the Mouse House in order to maintain her position in the ever-expanding Star Wars universe. Her character, Cara Dune, is said to be a big part of that franchise’s plans moving forward. Could that once again be in jeopardy now that #FireGinaCarano is trending once again?

If anything is going to happen with Gina Carano’s position in the Star Wars franchise, it will probably have to happen sooner rather than later. The third season of The Mandalorian is currently set to release this December, so fans will definitely want to know if Cara Dune will be featured in it or not. And there has been a lot of talk that Cara Dune is currently the character that the Rangers of the New Republic Disney+ series is supposed to center on. Will that all be thrown into disarray because she continues to be such a hotly contested presence in the public sphere? If Gina Carano keeps finding herself popping up in the news like this, there might be no other alternative for Disney than to drop her.