Gina Carano Sparks Controversy With Comments About HIV And The LGBTQ Community

By Doug Norrie | 3 weeks ago

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Gina Carano is back at it on social media with another post that’s stirred up reactions on both sides of the proverbial political aisle. It’s sort of been her thing over the last couple of years and it doesn’t appear as if the actress has any plans on slowing down. Her latest tweet is making the social media rounds, with opinions all over the place. Considering this is the kind of thing that had her fired from Disney, it is fascinating to see someone hold on to their core message, for better or, from an employment standpoint, worse. 

This time, the Gina Carano message centered around vaccine mandates and regulations that are being rolled out throughout the country. She compared it to another health crisis from about forty years ago that, at the time, gripped the nation though in a different way. Some saw the parallels while others were quick to call out the major differences in the two situations. Check out what Gina Carano had to say:

In this tweet, Gina Carano is comparing the current protocols around the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent vaccine rollout to the AIDs crisis in the 1980s. The post went out late last week and instantly drummed up a reaction from competing factions around the pandemic. Some saw the comparison as apt when it came to people’s liberties while others pointed out the noticeable differences between the two health crises, namely how each virus was transmitted. Was Gina Carano once again looking to stir the pot? Sure, but around this messaging, she has stayed consistent over the last couple of years, fiercely against mandates when it comes to the pandemic.

Of course, this is just the kind of thing that got Gina Carano fired from her gig as Cara Dune on Disney+’s The Mandalorian. After being mired in controversy for several months in the fall/ winter of 2020 specifically around the pandemic and the U.S. Presidential election, many were calling for her ouster from the show. Then, in early 2021 Gina Carano made a comparison between the treatment of Jews during the Holocaust to that of modern-day Republicans. This was a bridge too far for Disney and they removed her from the show. 

In the media fervor around the firing, Gina Carano quickly landed another acting/ production deal though on a significantly smaller scale than that of the Mouse House. That was with the right-wing conservative outfit The Daily Wire. She is set to star in a movie for them sometime in the near future as part of their budding production arm. 

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But is there a chance Gina Carano could, at some point, return into the Disney fold and get back into the Cara Dune character? Some rumors have been making the rounds that The Mandalorian is targeting her for a Season 4 return. That might be a bit farfetched considering how polarizing a public figure she is at this point, but the character definitely worked for the universe. Time will tell on that front. In the meantime, Gina Carano looks like she is going to stay consistent with her message, no matter the social media fallout.