Gina Carano Has Been Deleted From Twitter

Twitter has officially deleted the account of Gina Carano, which could be because of her conspiracy claims.

By James Brizuela | Published

gina carano

Twitter is not shy when it comes to getting rid of people they deem might pose some sort of threat. Former President Donald Trump had his Twitter account permanently suspended when he was accused of inciting violence, which referred to the Capitol Hill riots. This led the man to create his own social media space called Truth Social. It appears that Gina Carano might have jumped ship and joined that app, as she is no longer on Twitter. Then again, she could have been completely deleted from her consistent posting of COVID-19 misinformation and conspiracy theories.

Gina Carano was set to turn herself into one of the most popular Star Wars characters after she had appeared in The Mandalorian. Her popularity even warranted Disney in creating a spinoff series for her character Cara Dune. However, her Twitter account was full of questionable information and memes that she did not stop posting. This questionable information led to Disney firing the woman and canceling the show that she was set to appear in. Now, it appears that the woman has been completely removed from Twitter. She had been posting about her newest movie which was produced by The Daily Wire. This right-wing leaning film was called My Son Hunter and made fun of current President Joe Biden’s son. We are not sure how that is going to damage his reputation, but that is where her career has gone.

We are not sure if Disney would be the type of company to forgive and forget, but it seems that Gina Carano may have dug herself too deep into a hole that she will not be able to climb out of. Getting deleted from Twitter is quite bad, and we are not sure what she said to get deleted. It took Trump inciting violence to get the ax, so Carano could have tweeted out something awful and was unceremoniously removed from the app. Then again, she might have decided to join Trump’s Truth Social app and decided to get off Twitter completely. One final theory is that she was being bombarded with so much negativity because of her new film, that she decided to delete her own account. Either way, Carano no longer exits in the Twitterverse.

If Gina Carno was indeed deleted from Twitter, then she might decide to rejoin if and when Elon Musk buys the social media platform. Musk has stated before that he believes banning people is not the right way to go. He also stated that when he bought the social media app, he would do away with bans. Also, he would bring back Donald Trump. We are not sure if Musk is going to be purchasing Twitter still, but there is a lawsuit looming in October to decide that.

For now, people might decide to go download the Truth Social app to see if that is where Gina Carano migrated to. Otherwise, it may be some time before we see the former Star Wars actress again on Twitter. She has certainly disappeared at the right time, as plenty of people have been slamming her new movie.