Gina Carano Stirs Up Controversy With Conspiracy Theory Post

By Carolyn Jenkins | 10 seconds ago

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With The Mandalorian not coming back until 2022, fans are desperate for any content related to the popular show. Season two concluded with Din Djarin parting ways with Grogu in an emotional farewell. There is no news on a specific release date for the show, but one of The Mandalorian’s controversial ex-figures has hit Twitter with an update of sorts. Gina Carano had appeared on the show for seven episodes as ally to Din Djarin, Cara Dune. Her post on Twitter was not an update for the show she was fired from, but a personal one. While The Mandalorian is popular, Carano has been making headlines for her personal opinions rather than the popular Disney+ show. 

You can see Gina Carano’s tweet below:

Gina Carano’s tweet is tame in comparison to previous statements that she has made. Carano seems to be referring to herself as the conspiracy theorist in this specific post. It seems that she is implying that the comments she shares that are often seen as conspiracy theories are actually true, but that people won’t acknowledge that. This post comes after a history of controversial social media posts from Carano. Comments made via social media on her past encouraged LucasFilm to no longer employ her.

This news is unfortunate given the popularity of her character on The Mandalorian. Cara Dune is a rebel alliance fighter and someone The Mandalorian has come to rely on. It was also refreshing to see a female character whose body type is not typically represented in Hollywood. This representation is important when body-shaming is so prevalent. But in this case, Gina Carano’s social media usage wasn’t in line with what the company saw as appropriate.

Gina Carano The Mandalorian Disney Plus

There is a long list of statements that have appeared on Gina Carano’s social media that has sparked public outrage. One of the more controversial statements were her opinions on COVID vaccines. Carano implied that the vaccine was directly linked to deaths. Twitter acted by adding an alert that this was misleading information. This goes hand in hand with anti-mask tweets the actress made as well. Carano’s Instagram is also controversial territory. On that platform, she posted a meme many saw as implying that being Republican is like being Jewish during the Holocaust. This activity puts a dark cloud over the Star Wars franchise. Though Star Wars has not always been the friendliest fandom place due to how toxic many say the fandom has become, the franchise is full of messages about acceptance and love. 

Giancarlo Esposito has attempted to further that message. Esposito also appeared on The Mandalorian alongside Gina Carano as Moff Gideon, an imperial set on capturing Grogu for the Empire. In a recent statement after Carano’s firing, Esposito attempted to smooth things over. At FAN EXPO Denver, Esposito stated that he loved working with her. Esposito has not been active on Twitter like Carano. Esposito went on to state that his opinion of working with Carano was separate from anything she’s done with her online presence. 

Gina Carano’s current statement online has not reached the level of outcry as her previous online opinions. Fans are unsure what her future will hold as an actress. Her previous work in Haywire and Deadpool made her career look promising. With these recent controversies as well as continuing to refer to herself as a conspiracy theorist, her new projects are connected to conservative outlets that support her views. With Hollywood reacting against her political opinions, this is likely the only work she will see in the near future.