See Gigi Hadid Swing On A Trapeze In A Sexy Catsuit In Latest Photoshoot

By Douglas Helm | 2 weeks ago

gigi hadid

Gigi Hadid’s just posted her latest cover shoot with V Magazine on her Instagram and the pictures are just stunning. They show the model pulling off some truly acrobatic and athletic feats on a trapeze. In the first set of photos below, you can see her spinning around and hanging upside-down from acrobatic hoops wearing Balenciaga pumps and a catsuit.

See the Gigi Hadid photos below:

Not content with just hanging from those sky-high hoops, next Gigi Hadid got some shots of her flying through the air from one trapeze bar to the next. In this set of photos, you get a great glimpse at her getting some hang time, hands outstretched mid-jump. In the second pic, the photographer captures the moment right before she grabs the hands of the other trapeze artist. You also get some shots of her climbing up the ladder, along with a close-up of her shoes, and a shot of her mid-swing, hanging on to the trapeze bar. Check this spread out below:

Another post highlights a glittering silver outfit and some more high-flying antics. The coolest part of this post is the video where you actually get to see Gigi Hadid in action. You’ll need to click on the arrow to the right to see the video. You see her get chalked up for her acrobatics and watch as she makes a super difficult stunt look absolutely effortless. Check out the other photos and the video in this post:

Gigi Hadid is no stranger to being a daredevil when it comes to her cover shoots with V Magazine. The last time she teamed up with them in 2018, she did a photoshoot on a Fendi jet-ski. This collaboration also saw her reunite with the renowned fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti. Mario Sorrenti also shot her jet-ski photoshoot.

In her posts, Gigi Hadid makes sure to thank the entire team behind the photoshoot, including Sorrenti and the Trapeze School New York. Clearly, this kind of feat isn’t something you can just go out and do on a whim, so it makes sense that she got some training and presumably safety tips from the trapeze school. But, that’s not to take anything away from Hadid. It’s safe to say this is something that not many people could do even if they did get a primer beforehand. Of course, Gigi Hadid also took the time to give credit to those responsible for the fashion, creative direction, makeup, hair, manicure, DP, text, editing, prop styling, production, as well as the aerialist and the stunt coordinator on the shoot. It just goes to show how much work and talent goes into fashion shoots like these.

The results definitely speak for themselves. Not only does Gigi Hadid look great, but Sorrenti was also able to capture some really dynamic action shots that are artful and engaging at the same time. V Magazine considers this a sequel to the jet-ski shoot and dubbed the series “Fearless” so maybe we’ll get a third entry to the series next time these artists collaborate. Who knows what daredevil act Gigi and her team will shoot next?