Why George Clooney Isn’t On Twitter, Instagram, Or The Rest Of Social Media

By Kristi Eckert | 1 month ago

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George Clooney is definitively one of Hollywood’s living legends. The actor’s profound career is characterized by a remarkable amount of well-deserved recognition. Apart from his three golden globes, two academy awards, and countless nominations, he was given the American Film Institute’s distinguished lifetime achievement award in 2018. However, one thing that someone would never find on George Clooney’s impressive resume is a link to his social media accounts and the actor told Variety exactly why that is.

In an interview, Variety probed George Clooney for answers as to why fans could never expect to see him on Instagram, Twitter, or anywhere else on social media for that matter. His answer was both humorous and quite valid, at that. 

Just because, I like to have a drink at night I could easily say something stupid, and I also don’t think you need to be that available. I don’t see Matt [Damon] or Brad [Pitt] or myself wanting to get our thoughts out in a 140-character-thing at 3 in the morning.

George Clooney
george clooney

George Clooney brings up a good point. Many a celebrity and public figure has become the victim of social embarrassment or more recently, cancel culture because of their inappropriate remarks or extracurricular activities that they broadcast on social media. 

In another interview with Fusion, George Clooney was even more pointed in his reasoning for not partaking in social media. 

If you’re gonna ask people to pay money to come see you in a movie, they don’t need to know your every thought all the time. I think there has to be some element of mystery. There’s a real danger when you’re really famous. I can have a drink or two at night; I don’t need to have an apparatus that, in a drunken joke, even, I could say something, go to sleep, and wake up in the morning and my career be over.

George Clooney

George Clooney’s candor delivers a valid point. Celebrities are only human and humans make mistakes, however when one is a human under the microscope of the public eye, those mistakes become even more costly. The Things went over just ten times within the past two years that celebrities have had to apologize for their social media mishaps, like when Justin Timberlake had to publicly apologize to his wife after he drunkenly posted a picture of him with another woman. 

george clooney midnight sky

George Clooney is not the only celebrity who doesn’t see the value in social media and chooses to stay off it all together. Insider put out a list, although in no way comprehensive, of celebrities who completely denounce it. Keira Knightly was even quoted saying that Twitter really “creeped her out.” 

Even though George Clooney might have sworn off social media for life, and for good reason, that has not stopped him from remaining in the public eye (albeit not as frequently), while also continuing his work in the various sectors of the film industry. Earlier this year, his Netflix original film The Midnight Sky broke records by reaching over 72 million households. In the film, George Clooney plays a dying recluse trapped on an apocalyptic version of the world whose regrets ultimately both consume him and free him. 

In addition to the success of George Clooney’s Netflix film, it was announced that the actor has also signed on to take part in a reboot of Buck Rogers in partnership with Legendary pictures, which could very well put him back in the actor’s seat, but full details regarding his involvement have yet to be disclosed as of yet. 

George Clooney clearly knows what he is doing, not only as a professional in the film industry, but as a person who is aware that social media is a platform where one in the public eye consistently has to tread a fine line. His decision to not participate in the global phenomenon is a calculated one that serves to not only preserve his privacy, but also serves to protect his esteemed career by completely removing the possibility of him ever slipping up and communicating something that could cost him his entire reputation.