See Gal Gadot In A Skimpy Pink Bikini At The Beach

Gal Gadot relaxes on a sunny beach in a pink braided bikini and yellow cover-up.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

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Gal Gadot may have missed spending Valentine’s Day with her husband, but she appears to be recovering from it just fine on a sandy beach somewhere. The Wonder Woman actress recently Instagram posted a carousel of images of herself chilling out somewhere tropical, wearing a thin yellow coverup over a braided pink bikini. While it never takes much for Gal Gadot to appear almost supernaturally radiant, an outfit like this definitely helps.

While it is not exactly clear where Gal Gadot is hanging out, it is definitely someplace with a whole lot of sand and surf. In the first image of the set, the Red Notice star is casually sitting in a wooden chair, wearing a pair of aviator glasses and a wide smile. We only get a glimpse of her pink bikini, which seems to be something between a halter-top and a cross-your-heart bra, both of which we are totally fine with. 

The second slide in Gal Gadot’s carousel is a short video in which she focuses on the surf and a pair of sailboats that seem to be really cruising by in a firm wind. The third goes back to good old reliable still photography, showing the star now in a deck chair on the beach and making an exaggerated kiss face at the camera. Finally, the last video in the set gives us an extreme closeup of Gal Gadot whipping her ponytail around in a loop, which, once again, we have no issue with. 

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Although Gal Gadot seems to be relaxing on vacation at the moment, the actress actually has a whole lot of projects coming up. While everyone seems unsure about what is happening with Wonder Woman 3 and whether the latest Diana of Themyscira has received the same treatment as Henry Cavill and Dwayne Johnson, she at least has other films in active production at the moment. 

For one, Gal Gadot will be teaming up with Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds for a sequel to their 2021 Netflix action film Red Notice, which was apparently so successful that the streaming service is determined to make it a franchise. Netflix has been experimenting with huge, absurdly expensive action flicks with color-coded names like Red Notice and The Gray Man as of late, so we expect we will continue to cover the spectrum for a while.

Gal Gadot is also involved with three different biopics of historical figures. She will star as Cleopatra in a new film about the ancient Egyptian monarch, portray the Golden Age of Hollywood/inventor of wi-fi Hedy Lamarr in another, and play Irena Sendler, a World War II Polish nurse and resistance fighter. If nothing else, Gadot should be praised for really expanding the kind of roles she takes. 

She will also soon be playing one of Disney’s most iconic villains as the Evil Queen in the live-action remake of Snow White. Rest up for now, Gal Gadot, because it seems like you are going to be on the press circuit for a long time very soon.