See Gal Gadot In Bed Without A Shirt On

Gal Gadot looks great sipping tea in bed.

By Sean Thiessen | Updated

gal gadot

Gal Gadot is a beauty and fashion icon, but in the latest post on her Instagram story, Gadot showed off her cozy charm, wearing nothing at all. The photo, shared on Twitter by the account Only The Best Celebrity Photos, features the bright-eyed Wonder Woman star sipping a cup of tea while still wrapped in her bed blankets.

Gal Gadot covers herself well in the picture, but it is nevertheless intimate. The snap pulls back the curtain on the typically polished star and captures her with bedhead and no makeup, not even out of the sheets yet. The phone in her lap and the empty bottle on the nightstand add to the candid, lived-in shot.

On Instagram, the photo was captioned, “Getting ready to start my day,” with the location tagged in Paris, France. As covered by the Daily Mail, Gadot showed up later in the day in a lacy black gown for Dior Paris Fashion Week. Gal Gadot attended the event alongside celebrities like Charlize Theron, Maisie Wiliams, and Elle Macpherson.

Gal Gadot sped onto the scene in the Fast & Furious franchise, but she became a household name after her debut as Wonder Woman in 2016’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, followed by her 2017 solo outing as Princess Diana of Themyscira. Since then, her career has blown up, thanks to hits like Netflix’s Red Notice and the 2022 remake of Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile.

gal gadot
Death on the Nile

Though she has been popular in the role of Wonder Woman, the future of Gal Gadot in DC films is undetermined. The new regime at DC Studios has teased that Wonder Woman will be back soon but has not confirmed whether or not Gadot will be replaced in the role. Her part was called into question after Henry Cavill was booted as Superman and Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins exited her planned third installment of the franchise.

Even if Gal Gadot does not return as Wonder Woman, the actress has plenty of projects on the way. First on her busy slate is Heart of Stone, a high-octane espionage thriller that puts Gal Gadot in the James Bond/Jack Ryan-esque role of Rachel Stone. Plot details for the film are still under wraps.

Gal Gadot will appear as the Evil Queen in next year’s live-action remake of Snow White, in which she will torment the title character played by West Side Story star Rachel Zegler. Gadot is also set to star as Cleopatra in a biopic about the life of the Egyptian ruler, and will again team up with Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson for a Red Notice sequel.

Gadot has also been at the center of Star Trek casting rumors, along with her Justice League co-star Henry Cavill. The sequel to 2016’s Star Trek Beyond has long been in limbo, with several stories, directors, and cast members reportedly coming and going as the project fails to reach lift-off.

Whatever comes next for the star, Gal Gadot is here to stay. Her fans love her, and judging by her social media activity, she loves her fans. Not every celebrity invites their followers into their private, intimate moments, but Gadot is letting fans wake up with her in her latest social media snap.