See Full House Star Shoved To The Ground By Police During Protest

A star from Full House was engaging in a protest when she was thrown to the ground by police officers who were keeping the protestors at bay.

By Britta DeVore | Published

full house

After the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade, many Americans have been taking to the street to exercise their first amendment right and make their voices heard. From major cities like New York and Chicago, to small towns in states like Texas, Indiana, and Ohio, folks are turning up to share their anger in the matter. In Los Angeles, one protest, in particular, is drawing the attention of the media due to the police’s manhandling of Full House star, Jodie Sweetin. Long gone are the days in which everything isn’t caught on film, and several fellow marchers had their phones handy to record the terrifying moment that took place between Sweetin and the LAPD.

In the clip, which was first shared on Instagram, you can see the Full House alum walking onto an embankment away from the highway where the protestors were blocking lanes of traffic. It’s there that she’s bounced around by a few LAPD officers before being shoved backward into the march, crashing down and face planting onto the pavement below. Seemingly unfazed, she stands up, dusts herself off, and picks up her megaphone before the video cuts out. As the event unravels, viewers can hear members of the crowd screaming at the police and asking Sweetin if she’s okay. While we don’t know what her intentions in marching onto the embankment were, many are saying that she was hoping to lead the group away from the highway where traffic was backed up. You can see the clip below.

Freelance journalist, Mike Ade, was the one to first make the clip public. To accompany the troubling video, Ade bolstered the idea that the former Full House star was in fact making moves to clear the highway of protestors by getting them onto the embankment. Sweetin also released a statement following the hard-to-watch scene and commented that she was “extremely proud” of the number of like-minded individuals who showed up to peacefully make their voices heard in the matter. She commented that nothing, not even being manhandled by the LAPD, would “deter” the fight and that they would continue gathering to do so.

Over the last several years Jodie Sweetin, who starred in Full House and its Netflix homed reboot, Fuller House, alongside the late Bob Saget, has been sure to make her voice heard in a slew of political and humanitarian-related topics. Actively fighting against the Trump administration, Sweetin took to the streets to peacefully protest regularly during Donald Trump and Mike Pence’s four years in office. She has also shown massive amounts of support for the Black Lives Matter movement and has worked with the Refuse Fascism organization.

For the Full House actress, this latest tango with the police doesn’t seem like it will be slowing down her desire to get outside in hopes of making a change. While the fall she took looked like it hurt and will definitely leave a mark, the moment will most likely act as more of a reason for Sweetin to show up and lead others forward, one step at a time, and with a megaphone in hand.