See Florence Pugh’s Controversial See-Through Dress That Really Does Show It All

The Marvel star isn't afraid of stirring controversy.

By Michileen Martin | Published

florence pugh

It’s only been within the last few years with appearances in Fighting with My Family, Midsommar, and Black Widow that Florence Pugh has become one of the hottest names in Hollywood, and she apparently wants us all to know right off the bat that her rise won’t be a quiet one. Last Friday, Pugh was just one of a long list of celebrities who showed up for Valentino’s couture show in Rome. But unlike the rest of the big names in attendance, the Little Women star showed up in a pink see-through dress that exposed her breasts to any and all eyes.

As Florence Pugh writes on Instagram, “Technically, they’re covered?” While no other “naughty bits” are showing, the pink dress is see-through and unlike when most celebrities wear such pieces, Pugh doesn’t add anything underneath to cover — or, more thoroughly cover — her breasts. You can see the images she posted on Instagram of the evening below.

WARNING! The following photos contain images of a woman’s exposed breasts and may be considered unsuitable for the workplace. We consider you warned!

Florence Pugh anticipated the criticism — and, in some cases, the just plain ugliness — that would be aimed at her for wearing the dress, and she’s fiercely unapologetic. In a follow-up Instagram post, Pugh writes, “I was excited to wear it, not a wink of me was nervous. I wasn’t before, during or even now after.” You can see her subsequent post and her response to the controversy below.

As HuffPost notes, a lot of the negative comments made in response to the pictures of Florence Pugh in the dress were from men who mentioned being disappointed in the size of the Black Widow star’s breasts. Certain men made mention of what they called her “tiny tits” while one told her she “should be embarrassed by being so ‘flat chested.’” Pugh’s response was perfect. “What’s been interesting to watch and witness is just how easy it is for men to totally destroy a woman’s body, publicly, proudly, for everyone to see,” Pugh writes. “You even do it with your job titles and work emails in your bio..?” She goes on to suggest her critics are “scared” of her breasts, and assures all readers that she is very content with her body and won’t allow anyone’s insults to rent space in her head. She ends playfully, writing, “The last slide is for those who feel more comfortable with that inch of darker skin to be covered.” The slide in question shows her with her fingertips over her nipples.

This isn’t the first time Florence Pugh got the internet talking about all things sexual. In September, Pugh will star in the Olivia Wilde-directed psychological thriller Don’t Worry Darling opposite Harry Styles. The first trailer for the film dropped in May, and it features moments from what look to be some extra steamy love scenes between Pugh and Styles. You can see that trailer below.

If Florida Pugh’s controversial fashion statement makes you uncomfortable, then you’ve got some bad news coming: her star is only rising higher and higher. She’s voicing a tough-as-nails Goldilocks in the long-awaited animated sequel Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, she’ll play the eponymous physicist’s mistress in Oppenheimer, and she’ll be the Emperor’s daughter — Princess Irulan Corrino — in next year’s Dune: Part Two.