See Florence Pugh In A Mini Dress And Shockingly Tall Heels

By Erika Hanson | 9 seconds ago

florence pugh

While 2021 was once again largely deemed a flop by most of the world, people like Florence Pugh surely made the most of the grueling year. The ever-rising 26-year-old brought in 2021 with her impressive Marvel Cinematic Universe premier as Yelena Belova, the sister of Avenger’s Black Widow in a film that propelled the actress’s already well-developed acting skills. To further her success, Pugh ended the year with cameos in Disney’s Hawkeye series. With plenty of opportunities on the horizon as she enters the new year, Pugh flaunted her carefree attitude for all her fans in a perfectly Florence Pugh matter, that would surely impress the Spice Girls.

See Florence Pugh’s new pic below.

To ring in the New Year, Florence Pugh continued her social media presence by sharing edgy photos of her look. And continuing with the momentum of her new pixie cut for an upcoming role, Pugh seems to be enjoying the punk pixie princess look as she flaunts her style with some impressively tall platform heels. In her first official post of the New Year, the Little Women actress posed for the gram sitting at her wardrobe. Donning a Rat and Boa’s ‘Josefina’ babydoll dress that it looks like she may have borrowed from Courtney Love herself, she complimented the grungy look with a choker from J’Adore Dior and the start of the photo, her Harris Reed H-boots from the designer’s collaboration with British footwear label, Roker. The boots, that Pugh admitted were a Christmas gift to herself, featured 8-inch heels and a 4-inch platform.

Starting off her post by saying, “It was a night I’ve been nursing ever since”, Florence Pugh continued on to let her fans know that she never once had a misstep in the massive high heels. Continuing on to wish everyone a Happy New Year, Pugh declared a positive outlook for the coming year, stating that she would “circle back” this time next year to see what happened. Clearly, a hit amongst her 6.5 million followers, the  Instagram post garnished the Black Widow starlet the approval of over 2 million users. A look at the comments section conveys just how deep the love runs for Florence Pugh’s followers.  With comments from plenty of celebrity figures like Bella Thorne, who commented that Pugh was a “punk beauty”, plenty of Instagram accounts took notice of Pugh’s boot obsession, including one user that commented, “step on me.”

The internet has not been able to get enough of Florence Pugh lately, and even more so now that the actress has been rocking her newfound captivating style with her fresh pixie cut. In October, Pugh debuted the new-do on Instagram with a post that read “I did a thing…#chopchopchop.” Since first chopping the long locks, she has transformed the short look with an icy blonde color, and shorter edgier styling that makes her look like a punk rock Tinkerbell. 

While the reason for the sharp turn in appearance is strictly business, Pugh seems to be enjoying her newfound persona. It was first reported that the hairstyle was needed for an upcoming role in her boyfriend, Zack Braff’s film, A Good Person. While still tightly under wraps with no release date in sight, the movie is set to showcase an ensemble cast. Joining Florence Pugh will be Morgan Freeman, Molly Shannon, Celeste O’Connor, and Zoe Lister-Jones. The film is set to center around Pugh’s character as she forms an unlikely relationship with her would-be father-in-law years after a fatal accident. Aside from eagerly awaiting more pictures on social media of the blooming actress, fans can get set to see Pugh on the big screen with two slated movies to be released in 2022: Don’t Worry Darling and The Wonder.