See Florence Pugh As An Icy Blonde With A New Facial Piercing

By Erika Hanson | 1 month ago

florence pugh

Florence Pugh is dominating the internet. With her highly anticipated cameos in Marvel’s Hawkeye coming to fruition with yesterday’s fifth episode premiering, fans are once again taken back by the beauty and raw talent of the young star. For fans that can’t get enough of the academy award-winning beauty, her active socials are a great place to keep up with the 25-year-old. Last night, Pugh took to her Instagram account to share her newest look featuring an icy blonde pixie cut paired with her new nose piercing. 

See the post below:

Flaunting her new look, Florence Pugh captioned the fun post with, “Merry Christmas kisses…” After first chopping her hair in November for a role in her boyfriend, Zack Braff’s upcoming film, A Good Person, Pugh ditched the darker locks for a fresh, icy blonde look with dark roots. While her shorter crop is usually pictured sleeked back, the Black Widow star honed in her inner punk side for these photos for a spikey, punky, yet sexy look. To top off the new style, Pugh took a glam rock fashion approach complete with a blue furry jacket, pink-tinted sunglasses, and of course her new septum piercing.

It was just a week ago that the British actress shared her wilder side with her 5.8 million followers when she took to Instagram to reveal her septum piercing experience. In the post, Florence Pugh wrote, “When you wanna be a cool grown-up and get a cool new piercing and you instantly fail, go green and then faint.” 

The signature long braided locks of her character Yelena from Black Widow may be how fans best recognize Florence Pugh. However, her transition to an edgier glam style has been met with wholehearted acceptance as it seems the young Brit can pull just about any look off. Hollywood vet and bubbly talk show host Drew Barrymore put in her two cents on the new look, saying “you’re so rad.”

While Marvel may be the catalyst to much of Florence Pugh’s heightened popularity over the year, the talented actress already holds an impressive track sheet in show biz. Born in Oxford, Pugh made her acting debut not so long ago in the 2014 drama, The Falling. Her career started to heat up in 2016 for her portrayal of Katherine Lester in Lady Macbeth, for which she earned a British Independent Film Award. Continuing her streak, Pugh drew plenty of positive critic attention for her role in the 2018 miniseries The Little Drummer Girl. Since then, Florence has landed plenty of roles in film, including her portrayal of Amy March in Little Women.

While still a newcomer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans of Florence Pugh will get to see plenty of the starlet featured in other projects as well. 2022 may just prove to be Pugh’s biggest year yet. The 25-year-old is slated to appear in three upcoming films. Starring as a housewife living with her husband (Harry Styles) in a utopian experimental community filled with secrets, Florence Pugh will lead the upcoming psychological thriller, Don’t Worry Darling. Similarly, Pugh is set to take roles in upcoming films The Maid, The Wonder, Good Person, and a rumored role in a Madonna biopic.