Ezra Miller’s Fate In Court Has Been Decided

Ezra Miller has cut a plea deal for the burglary charges they face in Vermont, pleading guilty to a lesser charge of trespassing.

By Michileen Martin | Published

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Ezra Miller has a lot to answer for in the coming months — possibly in the coming years — but at least one of the Justice League star’s legal issues seems to have been mostly settled. Facing burglary charges in Vermont for allegedly breaking into their neighbor’s home and stealing 3 bottles of liquor, Miller has entered a plea deal. Deadline reports the actor has pled guilty to a lesser charge of trespassing.

It was in September that Ezra Miller was officially charged with breaking into the home of neighbor Isaac Winokur and stealing the liquor from his pantry. The 30-year-old actor initially pled not guilty. They have since submitted a Notice of Plea Agreement with the Vermont Superior Court’s Criminal Division which, if accepted, will clear Miller of the two felony counts of burglary and one county of petit larceny.

Assuming the plea deal is accepted, Ezra Miller’s penalty for breaking into a neighbor’s home and stealing from them will be a fine of $692 — a $500 fine with a $192 surcharge. Alternatively, if the matter had gone to court and Miller had been found guilty, the Perks of Being a Wallflower star could have potentially faced up to 26 years in prison.

Ezra Miller’s legal problems extend beyond the boundaries of Vermont; including beyond the boundaries of the continental United States. Between March and April of last year, Miller was arrested twice in Hawaii — once for disorderly conduct in a bar, and later after allegedly throwing a chair during a private party; the chair hit a woman and left a half-inch cut on her forehead. It was also alleged that Miller threatened and stole from a couple they were staying with.

The couple at first filed a restraining order against Miller, but later rescinded it.

The Flash Justice League
Believe it or not this is not Ezra Miller reviewing all the charges leveled against them, but rather Ezra Miller playing The Flash in Justice League,

More serious are allegations of grooming, harassment, and abuse leveled against Ezra Miller; particularly against minors. The parents of Tokota Iron Eyes filed for a protection order against the actor, claiming they have been grooming Iron Eyes since she was 12 (she is now 18).

The same month Tokota’s parents filed for the protection order, a mother and 12-year-old child in Massachusetts were granted a harassment prevention order against the Fantastic Beasts star. Ezra Miller was accused of visiting their home several times and acting inappropriately toward the child, including inappropriate touching. Miller reportedly showed up at the home shortly before the order was granted dressed like a cowboy when they allegedly offered to buy the child a horse.

But in a world where celebrities complain about so-called cancel culture as if their careers are two seconds away from plummeting off a cliff because of the wrong tweet, Warner Bros. has reportedly bent itself every which way it can to make sure The Flash will still see the light of day. Glowing reviews of the film have surfaced, and there are rumors that because Miller has gone a few months without being accused of doing something completely insane, DC Studios is considering keeping him on as Barry Allen after the film finally releases.