Evan Rachel Wood Accused Of Preventing Jamie Bell From Seeing His Son

Jaime Bell has accused Evan Rachel Wood of keeping their son away from him, which she has sort of admitted to based on fears that she has.

By James Brizuela | Published

Evan Rachel Wood Westworld

Much like Amber Heard, Evan Rachel Wood has gone through her own struggles with allegations of abuse by a public figure. Wood has publicly alleged that musician Marilyn Manson put her through some serious abuse. She claims that her abuse involved rape, torture, and pedophilic grooming. Manson has denied these claims. He also sued Wood for defamation based on those claims. However, because of these claims, Wood also stated that she had feared for her life and her son’s life, thus moving them both to Nashville Tennessee. Regarding the danger she felt, she also stated, “At one time did I conceal from Jamie our whereabouts.” Jaime Bell has since accused Evan Rachel Wood of keeping their son away from him in a current custody battle.

Custody battles are never great, and that seems to be the case for Evan Rachel Wood and Jaime Bell. Wood had gone deeper into why she decided to move their son Jack out of Los Angeles. She added, “I have not kept Jack from Jamie, who has the means and opportunity to visit Jack whenever he wishes. I have conveyed to Jamie my very real and deep concerns regarding my and Jack’s safety should we take up residence in Los Angeles.” She had apparently been so worried about retaliation from Marilyn Manson that she felt the need to move to another state. However, as they say, there are always two sides to every story. Bell filed a declaration in the custody case back in 2021 stating that “Evan continues to withhold our son Jack from me out of state. Evan abruptly and unilaterally decided to withhold Jack from me in mid-December 2020.”

Jaime Bell had also accused Evan Rachel Wood of having “alarming” behavior. This behavior could also have deep psychological effects on their son Jack if Wood is telling the child about the constant danger, they seem to be in. At least, that is what Bell has stated in court. The problem with custody battles such as this one is that everything seems to be hearsay and conjecture. However, keeping a child from a loving parent should never happen under any circumstance. Unless that child is in danger, then that refutes the idea of having a loving parent.

Jaime Bell had apparently been co-parenting with Evan Rachel Wood for the past seven years in Los Angeles, but the actress decided to move Jack out of state and keep him from seeing Bell. He has claimed to be a devoted father in court and has just requested they can return to their normal parenting schedule back in California. He has also claimed that he has tried co-parenting therapy, mediation with a judge, and communicating directly with Wood. However, none of this has seemed to help in her allowing Jack to be with Bell. These are some serious allegations, and a messy custody battle can soon follow.

We would never presume to tell anyone how to raise their children, but having your child involved in a terrible custody battle is certainly not going to help things at all. Jaime Bell and Evan Rachel Wood need to come to an agreement that reflects the best interests of Jack, and not place him in the middle of their issues. That will certainly create some psychological issues for the boy. Hopefully, they can come to an agreement, and Wood isn’t making Jack adopt some paranoia because of this constant terror she seems to feel about her other court case with Manson.