See Eva Mendes Light A Fire In A Busty Dress

Eva Mendes plays with fire while wearing a sparkly dress.

By Britta DeVore | Published

eva mendes

As winter storms blow across the east, Eva Mendes is bringing followers something to stay warm with. Always turning heads wherever she goes, the actress and model took to Instagram, to share images of her playing with fire. Wearing a glittery top, the Training Day actress makes eyes at the camera while holding a lit match.

Credit: evamendes/Instagram

José Feliciano’s recognizable tune “Light My Fire” was tagged in the post while Eva Mendes concentrates on not scorching her fingers as the match burns. The long-retired actress seems to be filming something as we’re looking through a camera monitor. Could this mark her return to acting?

Credit: evamendes/instagram

After appearing in a slew of features in the early 2000s, the last fans saw Eva Mendes on the big screen was in her husband, Ryan Gosling’s, directorial debut, Lost River. Holding down roles in action-packed hits including All About the Benjamins, 2 Fast 2 Furious, and Out of Time, it was with 2005’s Hitch that Mendes solidified herself as a household name. Now, with Will Smith reportedly in talks for a sequel to the Andy Tennant-helmed rom-com, is it possible that the leading lady will return too?

Earlier today, we reported that one of our trusted and proven sources had informed us that the King Richard star was considering the role as a way to better solidify his Hollywood comeback following his assault on Chris Rock at last year’s Academy Awards ceremony. The actor is already gunning to get back into business with his Bad Boys co-star Martin Lawrence for a fourth installment in the franchise and is also planning to hit fans with even more action in a sequel to Bright. If Hitch 2 was to move forward, it would only be right for Eva Mendes to reprise her role as Sara Melas who had a romantic relationship with the titular love coach. 

Following the success of Hitch, Eva Mendes continued to find work in films like Ghost Rider, We Own the Night, The Women, and The Place Beyond the Pines. Everything came to a screeching halt following her role in Lost River with the actress not having a film credit to her name in almost a full decade. She and Gosling tied the knot in 2011, and their first of two daughters was born in 2014, giving a glimpse at Mendes’ main reason for leaving showbiz.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling would have a second child in 2016 with the talented duo doing everything in their power to keep their family away from the flashing bulbs of the paparazzi. While Gosling has continued to take on projects including the upcoming live-action telling of Barbie, Mendes chose to take a break and spend more time at home with their kids. But, with the possibility of a Hitch 2, Mendes may be making a return.

Other Hollywood parents like Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. made similar sacrifices for their children, and now both actors are returning to screens. The same could be possible for Eva Mendes who still holds on tightly to a strong Instagram presence in the absence of a film and television career. With her latest post, could it be a clue from the star that she’s planning her comeback? We’ll just need to wait and see.