Eva Mendes Is Down On Her Knees For New Makeup Video

By Phillip Moyer | Published

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When celebrities post to Instagram about their makeup, it’s usually because they’re in the process of getting it done, or going to an event and want to show off a new look that their makeup artist has given them. Eva Mendes, however, has a different reason: the tragic destruction of her lipstick at the hands of her kids. Kneeling in front of a mirror, Eva is seen cleaning up the mess left behind.

A closeup shows the true scope of the damage: a tube of lipstick snapped in half, lying on the floor. Eva Mendes is seen mourning the passing of her beloved lipstick. She asks whether all lipsticks go to heaven, and states matter-of-factly that the loss hurts.

Eva Mendes has daughters with her husband Ryan Gosling: the eight-year-old Esmerelda Amanda Gosling, and the six-year-old Amanda Lee Gosling. She made it clear that one of her two girls was responsible for the lipstick massacre. In a comment, she stated that motherhood means all your makeup gets broken. It’s unclear which of her two daughters was responsible for the wanton destruction of beauty products. 

Toward the end of the video, Eva Mendes is seen putting the broken lipstick back into the tube and wondering whether she should let her unnamed daughter play with the now-busted lipstick. The camerawoman, who is not seen, replies that somebody might as well get some enjoyment out of it. Mendes agrees. 

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Even though she’s still active on social media, Eva Mendes has taken a break from her acting career to raise her children ever since Esmerelda was born in 2014. Mendes later added that she was tired of fighting so hard to land good roles Her career stretches back to 1996, appearing in a music video for the Pet Shop Boys. She appeared in an Aerosmith music video the next year.

The first proper acting gig that Eva Mendes ever landed was in 1998, appearing in a single episode of the TV series ER. She appeared in minor and supporting parts for the next three years including films like the horror movie Children of the Corn V and the Ice Cube action comedy All About the Benjamins

Eva Mendes’s first stand-out role was in the Denzel Washington crime thriller Training Day, and her career took off from there. In 2003, when she landed the part of Monica Fuentes in the second Fast & Furious movie. Playing an undercover agent who helps the two lead characters infiltrate a drug lord’s operation, she played a major role in the film and stood out to audiences. From there, Eva appeared in Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Out of Time, Hitch, and Ghost Rider.

Despite taking a break from acting, Eva Mendes has appeared in one recent role: a yoga instructor in the kids’ animated TV series Bluey. Mendez and her children are reportedly huge fans of the TV series, and she agreed to do the part immediately when offered. Even though she was only given two lines, her children loved hearing their mom’s voice on TV.