See Eva Mendes Dancing Down Stairs In A Plunging Neckline

Eva Mendes dances down a set of stairs in Australia.

By Robert Scucci | Published

eva mendes

Eva Mendes is no stranger to looking fabulous, and a recent Instagram post shows the Training Day (starring Denzel Washington) actress dancing down the stairs in a stunning dress with a plunging neckline. The caption is short and sweet, stating, “Don’t wanna say bye but it makes it more fun in this beautiful Leolin Dress. Gracias!” Mendes is of course speaking about living abroad in Sydney, Australia, while her longtime partner, Ryan Gosling, wraps production for The Fall Guy.

Though Eva Mendes is said to have put a pause on her own acting career, she’s still very much active in the fashion and modeling world. Not only does the actress look stunning when she’s sporting brands like Calvin Klein, Cartier, she has also designed her own fashion line for New York & Company, and acts as creative director for CIRCA Beauty makeup, which is sold exclusively at Walgreens. So it only makes sense that the Place Beyond the Pines actress knows how to look amazing, even when she’s traveling internationally.

eva mendes

For those who are wondering if Eva Mendez is fully retired from acting, the short answer is that she’s just taking a break to pursue her business ventures outside of acting, and to be an active and present mother to the two daughters she has with Ryan Gosling. So rest assured, if you’re missing the Hitch star’s presence on the silver screen, she never truly said “goodbye,” but rather “see you later” to her acting career. You read that correctly, not only is Mendez talented and beautiful, she’s also a mom boss of the highest caliber.

Eva Mendez’s acting career had humble beginnings with her direct-to-video debut in Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror, but her career was elevated to new heights when her role in 2001’s Training Day put her on the map, which led to bigger roles. Not only did Mendez star in 2 Fast 2 Furious as Monica Fuentes, she reprised the role in the fifth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise. When she wasn’t taking film roles, she was actively modeling in music videos by Aerosmith, Will Smith, Ludacris, and The Strokes.

While Eva Mendez has been favoring motherhood and her business ventures in favor of acting these days, she is still keeping it real by connecting with her children while they’re young, and it truly speaks to her character as a woman who can do it all. Though her Instagram account boasts beautiful images of the actress showing off her fashion sense, there’s some great slice -of-life footage as well involving her family. It’s all too relatable when you witness a video of Mendez playfully hunched over a tube of lipstick that was destroyed by one of her daughters, stating that her makeup getting destroyed is just a fact of life these days.

Though Eva Mendez is likely heading back to Miami after residing in Sydney with Ryan Gosling for the last several months, she has likely turned quite a few heads with her stunning wardrobe while truly living in the moment. Though she currently has no new films in the works, we can continue to expect big things from her in the future, as she’s still hard at work, just in a different capacity these days.