See Emma Watson In A Transparent Flowered Gown

Emma Watson looks fantastic in this sheer gown.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

emma watson

Thanks to her portrayal of Hermione Grainger in the Harry Potter movies, audiences got to see Emma Watson blossom from a young girl to a beautiful, confident woman even as her brilliant character tried to foil the magical machinations of the evil Voldemort. Since the end of that franchise, she has been very selective about what she stars in, which ranged from the Greta Gerwig adaptation of Little Women to Disney’s live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. And based on this stunning picture posted to a fan account on Instagram, we don’t think anyone will confuse this beauty for a beast anytime soon.

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Perhaps reflecting the aesthetic sensibilities of Emma Watson herself, the dress strikes a fine balance between being provocative without being overly scandalous. The transparent design helps us get a good look at Watson’s legs as she stands confidently for the photo, offering up the kind of smirk that would do Han Solo proud. At the same time, the dress doesn’t expose too much leg, instead inviting fans to admire its floral design.

The design itself is very striking. We normally associate black dresses with either sad events such as funerals or goth style (you can probably blame the success of Wednesday on everyone around you discovering their inner goth). However, Emma Watson’s black dress is covered with dazzling flowers, adding bright pops of color to what would otherwise be a somber dress, and it looks a bit like Hermione got an invitation to a Slytherin dance and decided her vibe was going to be “half spooky, half Gryffindor.”

Emma Watson

In fact, it looks like the Emma Watson fan had the Harry Potter franchise on her brain (among many other things) when they posted this image to social media. Rather than a traditional caption describing what she was doing or where she is, the post was filled with more than two dozen hashtags. If you look closely, these hashtags include #hermionegranger, #hogwarts, #ronweasley, #rupertgrint, #tomfelton, #slytherin, and #gryffindor – hashtags that are sure to find the Watson and Potter fandom.

Interestingly, the user used hashtags for many other actor names not related to Watson’s work in Harry Potter, and it’s not clear why they included them. For example, there is an  #arianagrande hashtag which may be there because Grande is such a fan of the franchise, and #kristenstewart is on there as either an acknowledgment that Stewart was a fashion inspiration for this dress or a winking nod to the fact that so many fans have compared the two actors over the years. However, we think no comparison is needed: between her amazing career and jaw-dropping photos such as this one, Emma Watson is clearly in a league of her own.