See Emilia Clarke Model A Tight Black Couture Suit

Emilia Clarke looked great in the black suit she wore to an event.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

emilia clarke

Although she may not have tightly braided blonde hair anymore, Emilia Clarke is channeling some serious Daenerys Targaryen energy in a new Instagram post that you can see below. From the mother of dragons to the mother of the runway (we tried), the ex-Game of Thrones star turned up to an event in the highest of fashions – a gorgeously crafted black couture suit. In a lineup of four photos, the Above Suspicion actress showed off her glamorous night out at a high-brow event with another familiar Game of Thrones alum also in attendance. 

It was none other than Wednesday cast member Gwendoline Christie who was also spotted at the event, happy to jump in for a quick GoT reunion with her old co-worker. As for Emilia Clarke’s outfit, not only is it an eye-catching skirt and blazer combo, but it also looks right back at you. Around the waist of the jacket, a set of eyes gaze outward, surrounded by gold trim with the same pattern also taking front and center on Clarke’s handbag.

No stranger to the flashing lights of the paparazzi and the elegance of high-fashion design, this certainly isn’t the first time we’ve caught a glimpse of Emilia Clarke looking her most dazzling. Just a few months ago, she took to the red carpet for an event with GQ and Hugo Boss, rocking a vibrantly colored red minidress and bringing so much heat that even Drogon would be impressed.

Not that she needs an excuse to get all gussied up and paint the town red – or, in this case, black – but fans of Emilia Clarke can soon expect to see her drawing more eyes on the red carpet as the actress has several projects set to release this year. On the film side of things, she was heard in the computer-animated feature The Amazing Maurice and will next be spotted in feature-length form in Sophie Barthes’ (Cold Souls) sci-fi rom-com Pod Generation. The title will see Clarke opposite a cast including the likes of Chiwetel Ejiofor, Vinette Robinson, Rosalie Craig, Kathryn Hunter, and Jean-Marc Barr in a story about a futuristic world in which families can use artificial wombs and pods to create children. 

emilia clarke

While her appearance in a new film is bound to bring fans some joy, it’s Emilia Clarke’s soon-to-be Marvel Cinematic Universe debut that’s really giving us something to look forward to. The actress is ready to join the team as Abigail Brand in Disney+ and Marvel’s highly-anticipated series, Secret Invasion. Joining a cast that includes the likes of Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn, Cobie Smulders, Olivia Colman, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Martin Freeman, and Don Cheadle, Clarke is ready to make the jump from one beloved action franchise to another.

While details surrounding exactly what we can expect from Secret Invasion are being kept hush-hush, we do know that the intended storyline will see a sinister sect of Skrulls using their shape-shifting powers to wreak havoc on Earth. With this first step into the MCU, there’s no telling how far Emilia Clarke will travel with the franchise, with a major possibility that we’ll soon see her in a big-screen blockbuster.