Elon Musk Makes One Final Demand To Purchase Twitter

Elon Musk keeps going back and forth on his purchase of Twitter, but the richest man in the world has made one final demand to purchase the social media platform.

By Douglas Helm | Published

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The back and forth between Elon Musk and Twitter continues. Recently, Elon Musk took to the social media platform to continue to air his grievances with the said social media platform. The tech mogul continues to demand that Twitter proves that fewer than 5% of its users are bot accounts. In his Tweet thread, Musk claims that his bid to buy Twitter would proceed if they would provide him with their method of sampling 100 accounts and how they confirm their authenticity. He also takes it a step forward and challenges Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal to a public debate. Check out the Tweets below:

Elon Musk is seemingly making a strong effort to ensure his bid for buying Twitter doesn’t happen. Musk previously offered to buy Twitter for $44 billion before pulling his offer, citing his claims that Twitter was unable to provide him with the bot info he asked for as the reason for pulling his bid. Twitter responded by filing a suit against Elon Musk in the Delaware Court of Chancery to enforce the original terms of Musk’s agreement. Musk filed his own countersuit on July 29.

The court date for the Elon Musk and Twitter proceedings is officially set for October 17 and is supposed to run for five days. As expected, the result of the trial is fairly unpredictable at this point. There are a lot of directions that the case could go in. Regardless, it seems like Musk is going to have to possibly pay up in some capacity. It seems likely that if Musk is able to duck out of the deal, he would at least have to pay the $1 billion breakup fee. There’s also a chance that Twitter could force Musk’s hand and enforce the deal in full. Some other possibilities are that Musk could settle or renegotiate better terms for the contract. Since his initial offer, Twitter shares have dropped. Of course, there’s always the possibility that Musk could win and walk away without paying Twitter anything. That remains to be seen, but it will undoubtedly be an interesting trial to follow.

One thing is for sure, it seems very unlikely that Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal will agree to Elon Musk’s challenge for a public debate before an impending trial that has $44 billion on the line. This is likely just a continued attempt by Musk to stir the pot. Musk continued his Twitter escapades by posting a poll asking Twitter users if they think that less than 5% of Twitter users are fake and spam. With the options being ‘Yes’ and ‘Lmaooo no.’ The users voted with 35.1% in the ‘Yes’ column and 64.9% in the ‘Lmaooo no’ column. The poll amassed 822,766 votes with Musk summing it up as “Twitter has spoken…”

Undoubtedly, this won’t be the last we hear from Elon Musk on social media before the Twitter trial officially begins. The entrepreneur is infamous for espousing his latest thoughts on the platform, and that likely won’t be slowing down anytime soon. We’ll keep you updated on the latest from Musk and the Twitter showdown as it progresses.