Elon Musk Is Buying Disney?

People have been speculating that Elon Musk could be wanting to go bigger than Twitter, as he is being linked to possibly buying Disney.

By James Brizuela | Published

Elon Musk

Elon Musk has made headlines plenty lately. The richest man in the world was locked in a deal to purchase Twitter for a whopping $44 billion dollars. However, things seemed to go from bad to worse as Musk claimed there was a bot problem on the social media platform. Bots are fake accounts made up to spam or send harmful links for monetary gain. Based on that, Musk had apparently backed out of the deal. However, that could result in the man having to pay $ 1 billion per a stipulation in the contract he had with Twitter. Now, the man is being linked to be going higher than Twitter, with some speculating he might be trying to buy Disney. That has been brought on by a cryptic tweet sent out. You can see that tweet below:

Elon Musk is quite a character on Twitter. He often gets into verbal disagreements with the company, stealing memes and articles without giving proper credit, and now making possible threats about his next move. The above tweet might just be his brand of humor, but then again, he did just try to buy Twitter. The above article refers to Disney allowing Steamboat Willie to enter the public domain. Steamboat Willie is the first iteration of Mickey Mouse. Musk has simply tweeted, “It’s time.” We are not sure if that refers to all the products that he has planned to feature Steamboat Willie, or if he is hinting at his move to strike a deal with the media company.

Again, Elon Musk could just be making some sort of joke. His humor tends to be quite dry, so it’s hard to tell. However, another tweet sent out by the man also led to people speculating that he would be trying to purchase the company, considering he was making fun of the company. The situation is based on a nature documentary that was filmed years ago, where the mass suicide of lemmings was caught on camera. However, based on new research, lemmings are not prone to doing so. People have now theorized that Disney set the whole thing up and killed a lot of animals. Musk was quick to address this issue. You can see the tweet below:

The above tweet is certainly more of a joke from Elon Musk. Also, we are sure that he was doing the same thing to Twitter before he had intended to purchase the company. He constantly makes jokes at the company’s expense, and he often spoke about what he would change if he bought the social media platform. Well, he followed those words up with an actual bid to buy the company. This could mean he is going to be making a move to buy Disney. This is conjecture, but he could do it. According to Forbes, Musk is currently worth $219 billion. Even buying Twitter at $44 billion would not hurt his wallet that much.

We are not sure how much it would cost Elon Musk to purchase Disney, but it would be no small amount. According to Gobankingrates, Disney has an estimated net worth of $97 billion. This is based on the asset value of $203.6 billion minus the obligations decrease of $105.84 billion. Simply put, it would likely cost Musk at least have of his worth to even purchase the media giant. However, the monetary gains from owning the company could also catapult the man back into the richest person standing shortly after the purchase.