Elle Fanning Posts Topless Poolside Photo To Celebrate Summer

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago

elle fanning

Elle Fanning is in the middle of a great run on Hulu right now in a show that takes a very loose approach to the historical fiction genre. But that doesn’t mean she’s not willing to kick back and enjoy summer a little bit. In fact, she got fully into the season recently with a post on Instagram that had her wearing an inner tube, some spray-on suntan lotion, and apparently little else. 

The photo of Elle Fanning appeared on an Instagram feed but isn’t your typical selfie meant for a little social media sharing. There’s a bit more of a professional aspect to the shot, a photo taken actually by photographer Chloe Rosey which is why it looks so stylized. Even those individual droplets of spray-on are captured in the moment. Check out the picture she posted:


Is it the shot we would get of ourselves while sunning by the pool on a lazy summer day? No, of course not. But we also aren’t Elle Fanning. There’s going to be just a bit more drama, flair, and elegance to this poolside look than the average person would ever hope to get on a hot June day. Sure, the inner tube ends up acting like the whole outfit, but this is a Hollywood star we are talking about. 

Elle Fanning has been around the big and small screen since she was a kid, beginning acting in productions when she was just four years old. Though he started off somewhat in the shadow of older sister Dakota, she’s forged her own career on the back of immense talent and knack for picking the right roles. Her current series The Great on Hulu has been a massive critical success for its first season. In it, she plays a fictionalized version of Catherine the Great in a story that tells of the Empress’s rise to power in Russia. 

elle fanning the great

There are a great many liberties taken with the actual historical events in The Great, and it acts more as a comedy than anything else. The show was nominated for some Emmy Awards for direction and Elle Fanning was nominated by the Television Critics Association for the Individual Achievement in Comedy. Its first season is sitting at 88% on Rotten Tomatoes with critics praising the acting of Elle Fanning in the lead role, but also co-star Nicholas Hoult who plays Peter III. It’s been renewed for a second season. 

And Elle Fanning will also be making a return to the big screen as well. She’ll be reuniting with sister Dakota in an adaptation of the novel The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. The story follows two sisters who live in France on the eve of World War II. It will be directed by Melanie Laurent and it shot back in October of 2020. After multiple starts and stops, it is scheduled to release in December 2022 on both Netflix and Disney+ as well as in theaters. 

That’s not all with Elle Fanning being as busy as ever. She’s also going to star in another Hulu production, this one a miniseries called The Girl from Plainville about the tragic case of Conrad Roy and his suicide. His girlfriend was accused of pushing him to the act through text messages. This is sure to be a darker film. In all, Elle Fanning is one of the busiest actresses out there who took just a few minutes to hop in the pool and apply a little SPF.