Elizabeth Olsen’s Sisters Made A Music Video About How Much They Hate Her

By Doug Norrie | 2 months ago

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Elizabeth Olsen might be blowing up the superhero universe right now that’s setting the stage for major happenings in the Marvel Universe. She’s fixing to be at the center of maybe all of Marvel’s Phase Four conflict and intrigue for the next few years. But that hasn’t always been the case. In fact, when she first started in the entertainment industry it was as something of a third-wheel to her two, much more famous sisters. Well, now a video has surfaced with Elizabeth getting very much the little sister treatment back in the day. Check out what Mary Kate and Ashley thought of Elizabeth when they were all kids:

The “music” video is titled “B-U-T-T Out” and references exactly how Mary-Kate and Ashley thought of Elizabeth Olsen during their formative childhood years. The grainy video came out in the early 90s when the twins were at the seeming height of their fame. They’d been cast on Full House as the single role of Michelle Tanner, which ended up vaulting their careers from a very early age. In the video, they both go into great detail explaining why they don’t want Elizabeth around at all, essentially theming the song on her just hopefully going away. 

Now, before you think that Mary-Kate and Ashley were taking their free time to neg on Elizabeth Olsen for being an annoying younger sister, know that this video was actually part of a larger production. It was inserted into 1994’s The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley: The Case of the Thorn Mansion. This was during a time when the twins were expanding their soon-to-be empire outside of their sitcom and were developing a string of B-level mystery films around their personas. The video was part of that movie which makes it, I guess, a little more acceptable without making it any less weird. 

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This music video came out when the three were all at a very young age. Though the twins were beginning an ascension of fame on the back of a branding and marketing campaign that covered everything from movies, to dolls, to fashion. But these days it’s Elizabeth Olsen who appears very much in the fame driver’s seat thanks to her expanded role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Elizabeth Olsen is, of course, currently starring in Disney+’s WandaVision which is kicking off a whole new storyline and arc for the franchise. The show has taken a decidedly different approach to how Marvel is putting forward productions, moving into at least for the short-term, a much more artistic approach to the franchise. While it’s beginning to shift more towards the “reality” side of things later in the season, there’s no doubt it’s setting a completely different tone from what we’ve seen in the past. 

If they were to redo the song now, it’s likely that Elizabeth Olsen would be the one singing the song for the sisters to butt out. After all, it’s her star that’s quite considerably on the rise. Sure, the sisters are still crushing things on the fashion side of things. But there’s no doubt in terms of popularity that the younger sister is the one in the lead right now. No more videos seem to be in the works, but they would play very differently these days.

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