See Elizabeth Hurley Go On A Pretend Vacation In A Chain-Link Bikini

By Faith McKay | 4 months ago

elizabeth hurley

It used to be a given fact that modeling was a career only done during a person’s 20s, but Elizabeth Hurley has kept her career going for decades. Today, she’s an actress, model, and businesswoman who shows off her own swimwear line in her frequent Instagram posts. These days, in reality, Hurley is probably lying on a sofa. She has been healing up from an ankle injury. She’s been sharing photos from happier times though, and most recently, she posted a photo of herself in a chain-link bikini. The caption explained that she was pretending to be on vacation, something she hasn’t done since before the first pandemic lockdown.

You can see the latest photo from Elizabeth Hurley below.

While Elizabeth Hurley hasn’t been on a real vacation in a while, she has been in tropical locales. The actress has been in the Caribbean filming for Christmas in the Caribbean, which has likely given her a healthy stockpile of photos modeling swimwear to share with her 2 million Instagram followers for a while yet. The movie she’s working on has her playing the lead character, a British bride left abandoned at the altar. Instead of sitting around sulking, she gathers her bridesmaids and leaves her home country to spend December in the Caribbean with the people she’s closest to. Then, she falls unexpectedly in love and has decisions to make.

In recent years, Elizabeth Hurley has been on a few TV series, including Marvel’s Runaways as Morgan le Fay and several seasons of The Royals as Queen Helena. While her acting jobs have stuck mostly to television, she’s had a steady supply of a variety of roles over the last few decades that have kept her fans supplied with new characters to watch.

As an actress, Elizabeth Hurley came to fame in the late 1990s when she starred in the Austin Powers films as Vanessa Kensington. She also gained quite a bit of attention on the big screen in Bedazzled opposite Brendan Fraser. She played The Devil in the movie. While it had only mediocre box office returns against its budget, the role proved memorable.

At 56 years old, Elizabeth Hurley’s multifaceted career continues to thrive between her many pursuits. While she’s shared that she is continuing to recover from her ankle injury, it doesn’t sound like it’s getting her down. The actress has been busy watching the final season of Ozark on Netflix, and keeping up with her social media posts. She was careful in her recent update to mention that she wasn’t actually complaining about not being able to go on a vacation, perhaps because she’s aware that her life is pretty great. According to Hello! Magazine, she’s recovering inside of an $8 million mansion. If you need to be recovering from an injury, that sounds like the right place to do it. Hopefully, she’ll be back on a movie set or traipsing down a beach, soon.