Elizabeth Hurley Is Ready For Summer In Bikini Pic

Elizabeth Hurley looks incredible in one of her trademark bikinis.

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

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Austin Powers star Elizabeth Hurley recently took to Instagram to show off her new sunglasses courtesy of Elton John Eyewear. Like Hurley, Elton John is no stranger to Hollywood fashion, and he now has a brand of eyewear that helps cater to even the snobbiest of Los Angeles fashionistas. Of course, when Hurley shared a pic showing off her new pair of sunglasses, most fans overlooked the new shades because they were too busy staring at how Hurley is very nearly falling out of her white bikini.

Considering that Elizabeth Hurley is 57 years of age, it’s tough not to see this bikini shot and her recent spate of summer photos as the actress proving that she looks just as hot as she ever did. You could even say this has become something of a trend, with stars like Kate Bosworth recently sharing their own sexy beach pics that help prove that Aaliyah was right: “age ain’t nothing but a number.” In fact, Hurley looks so good that everyone from random fans to Elton John himself made note of it.

From fans, there was the usual assortment of thirsty replies, images, and GIFs, along with more than a few jokes from fans pointing out that her sunglasses are the last thing that anyone will notice when gazing at this image. The official Elton John Eyewear account, however, took the time to point out that Elizabeth Hurley had picked out “the perfect frame” that “looks fabulous” and makes her look every inch a “DIVA!” The company’s sentiment was echoed by Elton John himself, who kept his message short and sweet: “Darling, you look fabulous.”

Elizabeth Hurley

We can’t help if you want to look as good as Elizabeth Hurley does in this pic…honestly, she seems to be on the kind of Marvel workout routine that stars like Brie Larson use to stay fit. But you can look just as stylish by ordering your own glasses from Elton John Eyewear. When there, you can browse the frames manually, but you can also browse glasses inspired by three different stages of Elton John’s life: his school days, his rockstar days, and a line simply labeled “fame and fortune” (we’re assuming you don’t already have to be rich and famous to wear them, but it helps).

As for Elizabeth Hurley herself, she’s certainly attained the fame and fortune necessary to rock any of Elton’s sunglasses whenever she wants. And as they say, her future may be so bright she needs to wear shades. After starring in three memorable movies last year alone, Hurley is set to star in Strictly Confidential, a film made that much more special by the fact that it is written and directed by her son, Damian Hurley. 

Beyond that, we’re not sure what the future holds for Elizabeth Hurley’s career as an actor. Just as Miley Cyrus recently announced that she will no longer be touring because she likes performing for smaller and more intimate audiences, Hurley may ultimately focus on smaller films, especially ones written and directed by her son. Of course, if she and her bikini want to become full-time models for Elton John’s sunglasses, we certainly wouldn’t complain.

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