Elizabeth Hurley Smiles For Summer In New Photo

Elizabeth Hurley is happy and living her best life as she shares more bikini pics on social media.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: nobody does promotional advertisements quite like Elizabeth Hurley. For example, this star of the Austin Powers series is here on Instagram shilling “the glorious Antibes one-piece,” which is the kind of awful celebrity pandering that normally sets our teeth on edge. But once she put the one-piece on and showed it to the world, we had to admit that it does look glorious when worn by someone with the effervescent beauty of Hurley.

One of the reasons that Elizabeth Hurley’s Instagram posts always take us by surprise is because she still looks so stunning, with or without the one-piece swimsuit. Many of her biggest fans fell in love with the actor when they saw her in the first Austin Powers film way back in 1997. Now, Hurley herself is 57 years old, but she looks just as stunning as she did back in the ‘90s and just as effortlessly sexy as much younger Hollywood stars.

Of course, a big part of Elizabeth Hurley’s appeal is that she is so much more than a pretty face, injecting her social media posts with enough heart and humor to keep fans coming back. And she’s not afraid to engage in a little self-deprecating humor as well, as she did when the “body-sculpting Italian Lycra.” Earlier, she noted how there is way less “breathing in” with the outfit and adding a smirking emoji after pointing out how the swimsuit “does a bit of your breathing in for you,” which is clearly the sexy star riffing on our collective habit of breathing in before taking a picture.

While heart and humor are all well and good, nobody understands better than Elizabeth Hurley that her legion of fans want to see exactly how sexy she looks while wearing the one-piece. And she obliged by posting a series of photos, each one a bit more provocative than the last. For example, the second photo shows her giving an over-the-shoulder smirk so smoldering that it’s in serious danger of becoming your next cellphone background.

Elizabeth Hurley

The third photo really shows off Elizabeth Hurley’s beautiful blue eyes as she looks straight into the camera while lifting her hair. The fourth image mostly mirrors the first, though the actor now has both of her toned arms down instead of lifting one up. But that arm shoots back up in the final photo, where she is either lifting a hand up in triumph or about to give us her best impression of Spider-Man shooting his webs.

At the end of the day, it’s difficult to tell how effective Elizabeth Hurley’s advertisement for this particular swimsuit really was. On one hand, she made the outfit look insanely sexy, but on the other hand, it’s difficult to focus on brand names and talking points when Elizabeth Hurley is on the screen. By the time we ended up shouting “yeah, baby, yeah!” in our best Austin Powers imitation, we had nearly forgotten the name “Antibes” altogether.