See Elizabeth Hurley Dancing In A Sheer Dress

By David Harrison | 2 weeks ago

elizabeth hurley

Elizabeth Hurley might be 57 years old, but you’d have a pretty tough time telling these days. She sure doesn’t look like someone who, in some time periods, could have been pushing up against retirement age. And the actress/ model/ fashionista has an Instagram feed that definitely leans into the trendier side of things. It’s easy to see why she’s amassed a ton of followers over there. A trip through that feed lets on that she’s as stunning now as she was decades ago. Heck, the latest Elizabeth Hurley post only seems to highlight that.

In her latest post, Elizabeth Hurley is dancing in a sheer black dress. Is it anything at all groundbreaking? Of course not, but with Hurley, it really doesn’t need to be. With the caption, Hurley says, “How to embarrass your friends,” though even that bit of tongue-in-cheek ribbing doesn’t seem like it would have the required effect if that was what she was going for anyway. And we do get someone off-camera asking what she is doing, which seems a bit odd all things considered. Posted three days ago, the post already has more than 800,000 likes on the social media platform. Check out what Elizabeth Hurley posted on Instagram:

As far as the Instagram feed for Elizabeth Hurley is concerned, this is actually pretty tame. Even a quick look back to see what else she’s been posting is a window into someone who doesn’t mind showing some skin when the moment calls for it (or even if it doesn’t). There are multiple bikini shots and even a couple of strategically positioned ones that didn’t require much of anything in the way of clothing at all. Sure, we get some family stuff in there as well, but I think Elizabeth Hurley knows what the fans have come here for. And she’s working to deliver on that promise in a pretty steady way.

On the acting side of things, Elizabeth Hurley has been on the busier side in recent years. She starred in Runaways as Morgan le Fay for the third season on Hulu. That went off the air in 2019 though. Then she starred in Then Came You with Craig Ferguson and Kathie Lee Gifford. It ended up being a video-on-demand offering through Vertical Entertainment. And then there was Father Christmas is Back which came out on Netflix last holiday season. It followed four sisters who are joined by their estranged father for a Christmas weekend. 

Next up for Elizabeth Hurley are three movies that are currently in post-production. First, we’ll get Welcome to Georgia in which she’ll actually be playing a grandmother whose daughter needs help raising a son. And then there is The Piper which will be a mystery around a small town. And finally, there’s some more holiday-themed fare with Christmas in the Caribbean. So a lot on her plate and she has the Instagram feed that keeps the fans coming back. The actress clearly understands that side of the promotional piece.