See Elizabeth Hurley In A Sexy Pink Suit

Elizabeth Hurley looks fantastic in a pink suit for breast cancer awareness.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

Elizabeth Hurley has been one of the most stylish stars on either side of the Atlantic for years now, and manages to look fantastic even while (or especially while) doing good in the world. In this picture recently posted on her Instagram account, Elizabeth Hurley is wearing a glittery pink suit with flared pant legs, neatly complemented by pink dangling earrings and light pink lipstick. The photograph was taken by Kevin Mazur (helpfully tagged in the photo) and is part of the growing collection of Elizabeth Hurley looking fantastic shots. 

To be slightly more serious, Elizabeth Hurley is using the opportunity to create awareness of Estee Lauder’s Breast Cancer Campaign’s 30th anniversary, which she has been been involved with for some time. The cosmetics company actually created a specific “Elizabeth Pink” shade of lipstick in honor of the actress, the sales of which benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. On this particular occasion, Elizabeth Hurley lit New York City’s iconic Empire State Building with pink lights for the anniversary. 

elizabeth hurley

In addition to her work promoting awareness of breast cancer, Elizabeth Hurley has been keeping busy with her own personal line of swimwear. She frequently models them herself on her social media, which has the added benefit of making both the bikinis and the actress look mutually fantastic. Elizabeth Hurley has worked as a model since 1995, appearing in ads and as the face of huge companies like Estee Lauder, Jordache, and Saloni. 

Elizabeth Hurley is most famous as an actress for her role in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, the 1997 spy thriller spoof by Mike Myers that transformed from a flop to a ubiquitous cultural artifact. Although Elizabeth Hurley only starred in the first movie in the franchise (and a brief appearance at the beginning of the second) in the tradition of James Bond Girls, she essentially functioned as the co-lead and straight man of the film.

One of Elizabeth Hurley’s first roles was alongside Wesley Snipes in the action thriller Passenger 57, one of the many knock-offs of Die Hard (this one was on a plane). She also starred in the drug drama Permanent Midnight with Ben Stiller in one of his dramatic roles, and with Matthew McConaughey in the prescient reality-tv comedy EDtv. Aside from Austin Powers, perhaps her most prominent role was as a seductive version of Satan in the 2000 remake of Bedazzled with Brendan Fraser.

In recent years, Elizabeth Hurley has slowed down a little bit in acting, though she still pops up here and there. She appeared in a number of episodes of the Marvel series Runaways on Hulu, portraying the comic book version of Arthurian sorceress Morgan Le Fay. Regrettably, nearly all of the Hulu Marvel shows have been canceled and swept under the rug as Marvel Studios consolidates more of its content to the streaming Disney+ platform. 

Until we see her in her next role, we will certainly still be happy to see Elizabeth Hurley doing good work with breast cancer awareness and looking great as she does it.