See Elizabeth Hurley Show Off Her Legs In Sexy Leopard Print Dress

By Douglas Helm | Published

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley has been promoting her beachwear line on her Instagram and what better way to convince customers that these clothes look great than modeling them herself? She recently posted a pic in a stunning leopard print slip that seems perfect for the beach or the yacht (if you have one). Check out the post below:

Elizabeth Hurley is undoubtedly keeping busy with her beachwear line, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have time to keep up with her acting career. The Austin Powers star hasn’t been in a movie since 2021’s Father Christmas is Back, but it looks like we’ll be getting more of her acting talents soon enough. Production has been wrapped up on the movie Welcome to Georgia. The movie is a comedy about a married couple, Penelope and Josh, whose careers take off at the same time, so they call on Penelope’s single mother to take care of their kid. However, it turns out that Georgia needs more raising than their kid does. Hannah Simone, Taran Killam, Jascha Slesers, Henry Dittman, Nick Cafero, Trina Alexa, and Rey Goyos also star. Pamela Fryman directs the screenplay by John Francis Daley, Jonathan Goldstein, and Corinne Kingsbury. There’s no release date for Welcome to Georgia yet, but there should be one announced soon enough.

Elizabeth Hurley also has a fantasy horror film in post-production called The Piper. The Piper tells the story of Liz and her daughter Amy moving to the town of Hamelin when Liz gets a job at the local school. When Amy learns the local legend of the Piper, she decides to investigate further for a class assignment. Anthony Waller directs and writes the script with a story by Duncan Kennedy. Hurley co-stars with Mia Jenkins, Jack Stewart, Robert Daws, Ieva Aleksandrova-Eklone, Arben Bajraktaraj, Anthony Waller, Alma Rix, and more. The Piper is currently in post-production, so there should be more news on a release date soon.

The last movie on Elizabeth Hurley’s current docket is Christmas in the Caribbean, which is a rom-com about an abandoned British bride who heads to the Caribbean with her bridesmaids. Hurley co-stars with Caroline Quentin, Nathalie Cox, Downtown Julie Brown, Edoardo Costa, Hadar Cats, Winston Crooke, Danielle Brown, Rafael Martinez, and Frank Corbie. Philippe Martinez directs and co-writes the screenplay with Nathalie Cox. This one is in post-production too, so no news on a release date yet.

While we might have to wait a little longer to see Elizabeth Hurley return on screen, you can definitely keep up with her on her Instagram. Most of her posts are about her beachwear line right now, since it’s summertime, aka the perfect time for some beachwear. But she also keeps fans updated with her modeling shoots, upcoming projects, and other things she’s working on. The 57-year-old actress and model is staying as busy as ever, and her Instagram is definitely worth a follow if you’re a fan. Stay tuned for more information about Hurley’s Insta and her new movies.