See Elizabeth Hurley In A Revealing Black Dress

Elizabeth Hurley has proven that age is only a number, as the woman looks as young as ever in a sexy and revealing black dress.

By James Brizuela | Published

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Elizabeth Hurley continues to remind us all that age is only a number, as the woman posted a collection of new photos, one of which shows her in a revealing black dress. Although the woman is now 57 years old, she doesn’t look like she could still be in her 20s. The woman just exudes elegance and sexy, as she poses for Karen Millan, a clothing brand that is using Hurley as its next cover model. She looks like she is having a blast going back to her days of modeling, as she is smiling wide while rocking the many ensembles for the photo shoot. You can see her full collection of new photos above.

This new look Elizbeth Hurley is certainly getting a lot of support and attention, as the above collection has already garnered well over 30,000 likes and 700 comments. There are plenty of heart-eye and heart emojis being thrown into the comments, and we couldn’t agree more with that sentiment. Hurley looks amazing. There are many people also referring to her as an “icon.” We certainly agree with that. Hurley has gone from being a renowned actress on television and in films to creating her own fashion line. This multi-talented woman is just proving that she still has what it takes to walk the runway.

Although Elizabeth Hurley could walk the runway right now, she is currently going through a comeback in the film world. The woman currently has three starring features that she is working on, two of which have been completed. The first is Welcome to Georgia which sees Hurley take on the role of Georgia, who is a grandmother that is tasked with babysitting her granddaughter but may need some babysitting herself. The film does not have a release date currently.

Elizabeth Hurley in Christmas in the Caribbean

The next is Christmas in the Caribbean, which is a romantic comedy about a woman who is left at the altar and spends her honeymoon with her bridesmaids in the Caribbean. Hurley hurt her foot while filming this movie and was sent to a rehabilitation facility for some time. We are glad that she is all healed now. This film is likely to debut in December. She then stars in The Piper, which is a horror film that takes the tale of the Pied Piper and spins it in a horrific way.

Elizabeth Hurley had taken some time off the big screen as she was only in four films since 2014, but that is changing. She is currently going to star in three, two of which are likely to release this year. While we don’t think she or Mike Myers would reunite for another Austin Powers film, we would hope that it would be discussed at some point. That franchise being revived would be fantastic.

For now, Elizabeth Hurley is healed and flourishing, as she is the new face of Karen Millen. The fashion brand clearly knows that Hurley can put on any outfit and look stunning, she has done that in the above collection. The best is that of her in the revealing black dress. It’s the perfect amount of sexy and elegance in one, which basically describes Elizabeth Hurley.