Elizabeth Hurley Is Wrapped In Pink Fur And Busting Out Of A Sexy Nightie

Elizabeth Hurley looks amazing in this nighttime look.

By Phillip Moyer | Updated

elizabeth hurley

Elizabeth Hurley is proving that actresses can stay gorgeous as they age. The 57-year-old Austin Powers star has been posting a series of fantastic photos showing off some amazing outfits and has continued this trend with her most recent Instagram post. The set of three photos shows her lounging in pink faux fur, wearing a black nightgown that lays over her figure in a way that would probably violate Instagram‘s terms of use if she walked around in it.

The only comment Elizabeth Hurley made about the photo was “Country Weekend,” implying that it’s simply a picture of her enjoying herself over the weekend, though the image tags reveal that it was a modeling shot. She tagged Mike Adler, a fashion stylist who has also helped dress Elizabeth’s son Damian, Tár actress Sylvia Flote, and actress/director/writer Catrinel Marlon. We’ve seen Adler’s fashion prowess before, as he is responsible for dressing her in the Gotal Ryan dress we saw her in last month

Elizabeth Hurley’s dress was created by the relatively new fashion brand Miscreants. The London-based brand only started back in 2019 and has had its dresses modeled by the MCU’s Elizabeth Olsen, rapper Nicki Minaj, and The Crown actress Elizabeth Debicki. Miscreants prides itself in having an elegant yet extravagant style, taking what it calls a “rebellious” approach to each.

Elizabeth Hurley had a long career as an actress before becoming an Instagram star, beginning her career in the British anthology film Aria as Marietta. That brief role led to her being cast in several British TV shows and movies before getting roles overseas in the French-Spanish drama The Long Winter and the American TV series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles in 1992.

elizabeth hurley

Undoubtedly, Elizabeth Hurley’s breakout role was Vanessa Kensington in 1997’s Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. She reprised the role briefly in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, hilariously revealing in the opening scene that her character had always been a Dr. Evil-controlled android called a fembot. 

Since her roles in the Austin Powers series, Elizabeth Hurley has been involved in dozens of roles. Most notably, she has played the devil in Bedazzled, Queen Helena in The Royals, Morgan le Fay in Runaways, and Diana Payne in Gossip Girl. Most recently, she’s appeared in a string of Christmas comedy films, portraying Joanna Christmas in 2021’s Father Christmas is Back and 2022’s Christmas in Paradise.

In case you couldn’t guess from the photos that Elizabeth Hurley releases, she has a career as a model along with being an actress. Starting at age 29, Hurley began modeling for Estée Lauder, becoming the face of the cosmetics brand until 2001. She has also modeled for Jordache, Shiatzy, Chen, Saloni, Patrick Cox, and Lancel. 

Elizabeth Hurley will continue to star in films and TV shows, and she already has one film in production. The movie, a thriller called Strictly Confidential, follows a woman trying to uncover the reason her best friend committed suicide. The film is written and directed by Hurley’s son Damian, starring The Royals actress Genevieve Gaunt.