Elizabeth Hurley Posts Nude Photos To Debunk A Rumor

By Rick Gonzales | 3 months ago

elizabeth hurley

When part-time model, part-time actress, part-time swimsuit designer, and full-time social media darling Elizabeth Hurley decides she needs to debunk rumors, she doesn’t hold back. The British actress loves to use social media for numerous reasons. This time, she posted to her Instagram a picture and caption shooting down a rumor that she and her 18-year-old son Damian were getting ready to shoot a Waltons-style reality show of their life in isolation. And in typical Elizabeth Hurley fashion, the picture she posted was in the nude.

Elizabeth Hurley has never been one to be shy about her body, though all of her nude social media posts are strategically posed so she doesn’t show all, leaving the viewer’s imagination to fill in the blanks. This photo finds our lovely 55-year-old temptress sitting on hay, arms and legs perfectly positioned to show only what she wants to be seen. After grabbing the attention of her followers, Hurley set the record straight concerning the alleged reality show. “Abzuuuurd stories in our illustrious press today,” she began. “Hear it from the horse’s mouth, my son @damianhurley1 and I are most definitely NOT planning to shoot a ‘Waltons- style reality TV show’ at home. I mean!! Whoever the ‘friend’ (or bored journalist) is, who’s leaking these fictional tidbits, you are ridiculous.”

Apparently, word around town was that Elizabeth Hurley was planning to shoot a reality show based around her and her family living the isolated life during the pandemic quarantine. The rumor, which is believed to have been started by a journalist or friend of the family, came from the fact that Hurley was isolating with not only her son but seven other family members or friends to include her mother Angela and sister Kate. According to the Daily Mail, the reality show was to be shot at Hurley’s 13-bedroom estate in Herefordshire, England where sources claimed, “Liz has a huge and loyal social media following and she knows they’d love to see more of her home life. She’s also looking forward to taking part in a project with Damian. It would be great fun.” The source concluded with, “Although Liz is very glam, she’s also determined to show people how hardy she is. She’s great at DIY and she loves gardening. It will be an eye-opening gander.”

Elizabeth Hurley confirmed the living situation, even bringing up The Waltons TV series which ran for nine seasons in the ‘70s, during an interview with Hello! Magazine saying, “We feel like the family in the Seventies TV show The Waltons. There are nine of us. I have my whole family here, including my mother, an aunt, and a friend who has severe respiratory problems. I am completely paranoid that I won’t be able to keep them safe, and I haven’t let anyone leave the house apart from me. I just nip out to local food stores and wear a mask and gloves. I’m terrified of bringing the virus back to my vulnerable guests.”

During her exclusive interview with the magazine, Elizabeth Hurley shared that the entire clan had assigned duties that were set to a written plan. “We’ve all got designated jobs, which I couldn’t resist putting on a color-coded Excel sheet. I’m in charge of meal planning, food shopping, and laundry. If it weren’t for the fact that we’re terrified of losing loved ones, we’re actually quite happy cocooned up together. The TV isn’t allowed to be turned on until 6 pm so we don’t turn into couch potatoes.”

As for the rumor, Elizabeth Hurley was backed in denying it by photographer Jonathan Bookallil, who also posted sexy pics of Hurley while confirming there was no reality show on the horizon. “Unfortunately the rumours of @elizabethhurley1 doing a reality show at her country estate are not true … as interesting as it would be …”

Hurley’s self-confident style on social media has given other models/actresses of a certain age to find their own voice as to how they want to be perceived as they age. Halle Berry hasn’t been shy about posting provocative pics to her social media account and just recently model/actress Paulina Porizkova decided to post a strategically posed nude pic of herself defending Elizabeth Hurley to some of the criticism she has received from her nude social media posts. Part of Porizkova’s caption read, “Today, on a serious note, thoughts inspired by the brouhaha around a sexy photo of @elizabethhurley1…When I was in my twenties and thirties, the less I wore – the more popular I was.” The model ended her long caption with, “Why is sexiness and nudity applauded in a woman’s youth and reviled in her maturity?”

Elizabeth Hurley has been much more active on social media than she has been on the acting front the past few years. Hurley appeared on the TV series The Royals then followed that with a guest spot on the Marvel series Runaways. Her last venture on the big screen was the 2020 feature Then Came You, which also starred former talk show hosts, Craig Ferguson and Kathie Lee Gifford. Though quarantine has kept Hurley mainly close to her home, she does have a couple more projects lined up. The model/actress will be starring in the features The Piper and Father Christmas is Back.