See Elizabeth Hurley Celebrating Christmas In Pink See-Through Mini-Dress

By David Harrison | 3 weeks ago

elizabeth hurley

You should love anything as much as Elizabeth Hurley loves putting barely anything on and then posting it to Instagram. And why the hell not? The 57-year-old is still bringing it these days, promoting a fashion line and looking every bit as stunning as she did decades ago. Her most recent foray into skimpy social media postings was a couple of days ago when she celebrated Christmas. It was a bit different than what you might have done around the tree in flannel pajamas and a little bed head from the night before. 

Elizabeth Hurley was getting into the holiday spirit and the Instagram post has garnered significant attention ever since it went up, sitting at over 270,000 likes at the time of this posting. She’s acknowledging some presents she got in her proverbial stocking, a little something from Versace that she is showing off in the picture. The actress and model references an ankle injury too, but that piece of it was left out of the picture. Check out what she posted: 

And look, this isn’t the first time Elizabeth Hurley has found reason to celebrate things in her life while also getting out there and flaunting what she’s got. A couple of weeks ago she took to Instagram to rejoice in getting her booster shot. And just like every other average human out there, she did it while rocking a bikini on the beach? How did you boost up? Seems completely commonplace to do it this way in a leopard print two-piece. 

It makes sense that Elizabeth Hurley would be into these types of social media postings. After all, she runs her own line of swimsuits under the banner Elizabeth Hurley Beach. That has been in production since 2005 and offers a variety of suits and resort wear for people of all ages. She parlayed her career on the big screen into a bigger company around her fashion sense and it has more than paid off. 

Plus, in terms of her acting these days, well, Elizabeth Hurley is still popping up in productions from time to time. She was brought into the Hulu show The Runaways during their third and final season as Morgan le Fae the powerful sorceress and sister of Merlin. And she’s also starred in a couple of comedies over the last couple of years with Then Came You alongside Craig Ferguson and Father Christmas is Back on Netflix with John Cleese and Kelsey Grammer. Award winners? Of course not. But that was never really her bag anyway. She can hold her own in these kinds of productions. 

So it’s not just all lingerie and bikinis for Elizabeth Hurley, she’s working steady and has made a decade’s long career on the screen. Next up she’ll star in The Piper and then another holiday flick, Christmas in the Caribbean. And we are sure to catch more of her on social media considering that seems to be a place she loves to show it all off. Good for her.