See Dwayne Johnson Surprise One Fan With A Personal Gift

By Doug Norrie | 18 seconds ago

dwayne johnson

Dwayne Johnson has made a name in the entertainment industry and on the big screen because of talent but also and especially because of the sheer magnetism he brings seemingly 24/7. One way to maintain long-term success in any industry, but it would appear Hollywood especially, is to be easy to work with, giving, open, and thoughtful. From all appearances, Dwayne Johnson exemplifies these traits and recently he felt the need to give back to the fans that have supported him over the years and continue to do so.

In an Instagram post, Dwayne Johnson put up a video of a surprise he laid out for one fan who had attended a special showing of Johnson’s most recent film Red Notice. Johnson surprised the crowd, showing up live and addressing the group. But during it, he highlighted one person specifically, Oscar Rodriguez who seemed genuinely surprised to be mentioned. And things got even more emotional from there. Check out the post from Dwayne Johnson and what he did for one fan. 

Dwayne Johnson starts out by addressing the crowd and in the post, it says that he had done some research on the folks who were in attendance. Wanting to do something nice for Rodriguez who Johnson highlights does so much for his community, The Rock called him up onto the stage of the theater. This, even in and of itself, was a nice moment.

It’s easy to root for Rodriguez in this moment who seems legit surprised and humbled just with the moment on stage with Dwayne Johnson, gripping the big guy for a hug. Johnson goes through some of Rodriguez’s background which includes him being a personal trainer, a leader in his church’s and a veteran of the Navy. Plus Rodriguez makes meals for women who have suffered domestic abuse and is a caretaker for his mother. The resume of giving and selflessness is a long one. 

And after that, it’s the big moment in which Dwayne Johnson takes Rodriguez outside and presents the latter with a gift. It is in the form of Johnson’s personal truck, a custom F-150 pickup. Rodriguez is clearly in disbelief here, moved by the moment and the generosity. The two share another embrace and then it’s time to start things up. Originally, Johnson said he wanted to give away a Porsche, one that was used in Red Notice, but the car company nixed that idea. This personal truck seemed to be the next best thing. 

dwayne johnson

Look, we don’t know Dwayne Johnson personally, but he does appear at least outwardly and through moves like this, to be a genuinely good guy. The fact that so many people want to work with him seems to be a testament to that. And he’s one of the busiest guys around. The aforementioned Red Notice is set to become the most popular offering Netflix has ever had on the streamer, breaking its 28-day viewing records. 

And Dwayne Johnson has plenty more on the way as well. He’s set to voice Krypto the SuperDog in DC League of Super-Pets which will hit screens next year. Of course, the big one will be when he makes his first turn through the superhero genre when he stars in DC’s Black Adam, sure to be one of the next summer’s true blockbusters. In the meantime, it looks like Johnson is in the mode of giving back to his fans. And Oscar Rodgriguez sure got the surprise of a lifetime here.