Dwayne Johnson Is Winning Awards For His Social Media Accounts

By Jason Collins | 4 weeks ago

dwayne johnson

Apart from being one of the top-paid actors in Hollywood, Dwayne Johnson is an absolute king of social media – something he is now being officially recognized for. The actor has a massive following on social platforms, which he supplies with daily entertaining and engaging content. So, what’s this award we’re talking about?

Well, according to The Hollywood Reporter, The Rock is a special achievement honoree for the 2021 The Webby Award, the leading international award honoring excellence on the internet. The 25th Annual Webby Awards honored Dwayne Johnson with a 2021 Webby Special Achievement Award for his outstanding use of social media where he connects with his fandom, providing inspiration and motivation for his following. Other honorees include Ava DuVerbay, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Riz Ahmed, Andra Day, Yara Shahidi, and Jose Andres.

dwayne johnson

Dwayne Johnson’s use of social media, and his entertaining content creation, earned him over 100 million followers on Instagram, and millions more on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube, totaling at over 200 million online followers. Thanks to his motivating and inspiring content, the actor enjoys one of the most viral presences on the Web. But his platform use isn’t limited to inspiring content only. Dwayne Johnson also uses his internet presence to amplify important community issues, like calling on political action during protests against police brutality and racism that happened in Minneapolis last year.

In the time when internet users are largely divided and centered on negativity regarding world problems, Dwayne Johnson’s positive presence serves as an example for everyone to follow. “Being a true badass has no weight and gender requirements – just 100% commitment to greatness” – is one of actor’s most quotable lines. And he’s right. People love him, for everything he does online, including his posts about films, cheat meals, important issues, and even fitness. There’s some openness and authenticity to his online presence that only increases the actors online following.

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Young Rock

However, Dwayne Johnson’s life wasn’t always as easy and glamorous as it is now. He grew up in a struggling family, with money issues, which escalated to a point where the Johnsons were evicted from their home. After a series of tragic events that ended his football career, and driven by the desire of never having to face financial issues again, The Rock turned to the only sport he knew – wrestling. He became a famous wrestler through hard work and dedication, something he promotes daily, until he eventually retired from the sport in 2004, in pursuit of an acting career.

Despite his occasional appearance in the WWE, Dwayne Johnson became one of the most recognizable and highest-paid names in Hollywood. He’s mostly known for his performances in various movie sequels and franchises, like the Fast & Furious, Journey to the center of the Earth, The Mummy, and G.I. Joe, adding some of his characteristic oomph to various titles. Some people in the industry jokingly referred to the actor as the Franchise Viagra, because The Rock enhances the performances of otherwise limp franchises. There’s a catchy nickname.  

With everything said, The Rock’s inspiring presence, motivational content, and positive celebrity influence earned him a Webby Award. And awards go where they’re due.