Dwayne Johnson Is Starting A Public Prank War With Another Celebrity

By Jason Collins | 2 weeks ago

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson, the uncrowned celebrity king of social media, just started a public prank war with his Red Notice costar, Ryan Reynolds. Turning to his Instagram account on Thursday, the 49-year-old Hollywood actor posted an amusing photo of a Netflix billboard, revealing secrets about Ryan Reynold’s streaming habits.

You can check out Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram post below:

“Ryan Reynolds uses his mom’s Netflix account,” says the sign on Dwayne Johnson’s billboard. The actor captioned the image with: “One last heist for the road. Beat that, @vancityreynolds.” In addition to calling out Ryan Reynolds for his video-streaming account, which he apparently borrows from his mother, Dwayne Johnson also expressed his love and admiration for Reynold’s mom by stating that she’s an amazing woman. But then he took another jab at his costar by saying that he’s not sure why Ryan turned out the way he did.

Netflix’s official Instagram account didn’t miss out on the post, issuing Dwayne Johnson somewhat of a warning message, stating that it’s the last time the company allowed him to decide what to put on its marquee. The 45-year-old Deadpool star didn’t miss out on the post and made a point of leaving a comment, joking about his mother’s viewing habits: “In fairness, my mom uses my OnlyFans account,” wrote Ryan Reynolds.

Dwayne Johnson is jumping into a prank war with a veteran. Ryan Reynolds is well-known for his faux social media feuds, most notably with the X-Men star Hugh Jackman, which dates all the way back to 2008. Of course, just like everything he does, all of Reynolds’ feuds are a hilarious mix of political attack ads, face masks (including the one from Deadpool), and hilarious and often sarcastic social media comments. Of course, it’s quite evident that the pair of actors aren’t really fighting, but that doesn’t stop their feud from being any less hilarious.

ryan reynolds  dwayne johnson

Both Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds are set to appear in the upcoming action-comedy film Red Notice, alongside Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot in one of the leading roles. It’s both written and directed by Rawson Marshal Thurber, best known for directing other comedy gems like 2013’s We’re the Millers and 2016’s Central Intelligence starring Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. With 2018’s Skyscraper, which Thurber also directed, the upcoming Red Notice marks the third collaboration between the director and The Franchise Viagra star Dwayne Johnson.

In her recent television appearance, Gal Gadot disclosed that Ryan Reynolds would often make his costars laugh so much that they ended up ruining many takes due to his shenanigans. Reynolds later added, jokingly, that he alone probably wasted millions of Netflix’s dollars on laughing and just goofing around on set with Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot. Red Notice had a very limited theatrical release on November 5, before its debut on the streaming giant’s platform on November 12, after several delays of production and screening. It’s worth noting that the film received a feeble critical response, gathering unfavorable reviews. However, on the plus side, 92% of the audiences reported enjoying the feature.

Ryan Reynolds also announced a break from acting after completing work on the Christmas musical Spirited, which will be released in 2022. Hopefully, it won’t affect the production of the announced Deadpool 3.