Dwayne Johnson Asked An Infamous YouTuber To Delete All Their Photos Together

By Charlene Badasie | 21 seconds ago

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For years, infamous YouTube star Logan Paul has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. But the biggest loss resulting from his questionable behavior wasn’t monetary. The 27-year-old was at his lowest ebb after a controversial video saw Dwayne Johnson give him the cold shoulder. Now, for the first since time being cut off by the WWE legend, the influencer says he was heartbroken after being told to delete all traces of their friendship.

During an appearance on the True Geordie Podcast, Paul, who has 23.5 million YouTube subscribers, said he considered Dwayne Johnson a friend. The pair even filmed several sketches and videos for his YouTube channel in 2017. But the Black Adam star abruptly cut ties with him after Paul received backlash for filming a dead body in Japan. “After Japan happened, obviously I found myself in a hole, rightfully so, that I had never been in before, extremely low mentally,” he told podcast host Brian Davis.

Logan Paul then explained how he got a call from his publicist, who also represents Dwayne Johnson, asking him to remove every picture and video of the pair from the digital space. The controversial YouTuber said while he understood that he made a “grotesque error,” he still wished the Hollywood action star would have called or texted instead of communicating through his publicist. “I thought we had a healthy relationship, an open line of communication, and I was so sad that my hero wanted nothing to do with me,” he said.

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Logan Paul rose to fame in 2014 due to the popularity of funny sketches he began posting on Vine. By 2015, he was ranked as the 10th most influential figure on the platform, with his six-second videos earning him hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising revenue. When the site shut down, he moved his operation to YouTube, gaining the attention of a larger audience including Dwayne Johnson. His fame also earned him minor television roles in shows like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and the Fox TV series Weird Loners.

But things took an ugly turn during a trip to Japan in 2017 when Paul uploaded a video showing the corpse of a man who had died by hanging himself at the base of Mount Fuji. The video, which also documented his group’s reactions to finding the man, gained 6.3 million views within 24 hours of being uploaded. The social media star and his friends were heavily maligned by celebrities and politicians, with other members of the YouTube community criticizing his insensitivity to suicide victims. The fallout also led to lost sponsorships and a broken friendship with Dwayne Johnson.

Interestingly, Logan Paul said the Jumanji alum reached out to him about three months ago through Instagram private messages like nothing ever happened. Dwayne Johnson apparently wanted to let him know he thought one of his videos was funny. Paul told listeners of the True Geordie that he did not respond to the message but still thinks the actor is awesome. According to Yahoo News, representatives for the former WWE superstar did not immediately respond to a request for comment.