Dwayne Johnson Bails On Joe Rogan After New Controversy

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has publicly declared he is no longer in support of controversial podcaster Joe Rogan after the latest reveal on his behavior

By Dan Lawrence | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has publicly declared he is no longer in support of controversial podcaster Joe Rogan. This news broken by Deadline comes in the wake of recordings that have come to light revealing the podcaster using the N-word in a series of remarks. This represents somewhat of an about-turn for Dwayne Johnson, who had previously vocalized his support for Rogan after allegations about misinformation surrounding COVID-19 were hitting Rogan in the headlines.

This latest incident involving Joe Rogan is becoming somewhat of the norm for the host of the podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. More recently, Rogan has come under fire for allegedly spreading misinformation on vaccines. This sparked the hashtag #DeletedSpotify and some high-profile artists have pulled their material from the streaming platform in response to Rogan’s remarks. Notable names to have pulled the plug on the streaming giant are Neil Young and Joni Mitchell. However, Dwayne Johnson surprised many when he came out in support of Rogan. 

Dwayne Johnson’s apparent support was in response to a video Joe Rogan posted to Instagram (see below) where he addressed the situation with Spotify and his remarks surrounding COVID-19 vaccinations. In the video, Rogan is quoted as saying “if I pissed you off, I’m sorry”. Perhaps not the best words to put to use, but they seemed to make a mark on Johnson.

The Jungle Cruise star took to Rogan’s Instagram comments to congratulate Rogan on his words and expressed a desire to be featured on The Joe Rogan Experience in the near future. This came as a surprise to many as Dwayne Johnson is often known to stay clear of controversy, but here he was indirectly adding his two cents to the mix. Johnson’s quote was as follows, “Great stuff here brother. Perfectly articulated. Look forward to coming on one day and breaking out the tequila with you.”

However, more controversy has now come to light regarding Joe Rogan and Dwayne Johnson has made a definitive u-turn on the podcaster. The decision came after singer India Arie publicly declared her reasons for pulling her work from Spotify. The singer made her decision based on Joe Rogan’s use of racial slurs on his podcast, and she backed her claims up by posting over twenty clips of Rogan using the N-word on his podcast.

Later, author Don Winslow took to Twitter to call out Dwayne Johnson for his support of Rogan and questioned if he had been made aware of the podcasters latest controversy. Dwayne Johnson replied to the tweet.

It would appear that this cements Dwayne Johnson’s feelings against Joe Rogan’s method of thinking. In the case of Rogan, he again took to Instagram to form an apology and was quoted saying that his uses of the slurs were taken “out of context.” He also remarked “It looks fucking horrible.”

For Dwayne Johnson, it can only be beneficial that his words look as if he is distancing himself from the whole situation. The actor has well and truly established himself as a Hollywood darling and is enjoying some great success as of late. Not long ago, it came to light that the Red Notice star is working on a Call of Duty film adaptation. The future certainly looks bright for ‘The Rock.’ For Joe Rogan however, the future might be a little bit rocky. Spotify has reportedly removed seventy installments of The Joe Rogan Experience from the platform. Time will tell if any further action will take place against the controversial figure.