Dwayne Johnson Celebrates His Daughter’s Birthday With a Video Revealing Her Sense of Humor

By Erika Hanson | 1 month ago

dwayne johnson

What’s more exciting than seeing a new post from one of social media’s biggest celebrities? Getting to see their kid’s of course. And while Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson might be one of the biggest faces in the world right now, it was his daughter, Jasmine, that stole the show this morning. Jazzy, as Johnson calls her, celebrated her sixth birthday today. Living up to his social media persona, The Rock penned a heartfelt message to his daughter and shared a look into his life at home with her.

In the devout post below, Dwayne Johnson starts off with a sweet photo. You’ll want to click the arrow on the right to reveal a video of his daughter’s more playful side.

In the Instagram post shared this morning with his 282 million followers, Dwayne Johnson shared a sweet message for his daughter on her sixth birthday. He called his young daughter strong, sweet, independent, and “most importantly”, loving and kind. He also pointed out a trait his daughter surely gets from him, stating Jasmine has a “wicked” sense of humor. While the first photo featured the 49-year-old wrestler and actor posing with his beautiful blue-eyed daughter, the second video clip showed off her humorous side. The clip was a video of Jazzy sitting atop her father’s lap while she drew all over his face.

As she climbs higher up the 6’5” 260-pound beast she calls Dad, she declares that Johnson “needs more eyeballs” as she scribbles a third eye atop his forehead to which The Rock exclaims, “I don’t think this is a good idea.” Clearly, Dwayne Johnson’s honor to his daughter has already stolen the internet’s heart as over 3.2 million people have liked the photo, and over 21 thousand fans have expressed their love and support for both The Rock and daughter Jasmine in the few short hours since Johnson announced her birthday. 

As busy as Dwayne Johnson is with upcoming projects like Black Adam, he always finds time to be not only a good role model, but father to his three daughters Simone, Jasmine, and Tiana. Being open about fatherhood, The Rock once said that being a father is the greatest job he has ever done, saying, “I always wanted to be a great dad. I always wanted to give [my children] things that I felt I never got.” But Johnson never fails to also credit his wife and mother of his two youngest, Lauren Hashian, for her part in raising his daughters. In his post shared earlier today, Johnson made sure to include spouse Lauren Hashian in his message as he wrote to his daughter never to forget that her “mama” rocks.

While making sure he can carve out enough time from his busy schedule to be there for his kids, Dwayne Johnson is the perfect role model for children everywhere. Starring in plenty of kid-friendly films like Moana and Race to Witch Mountain, the Samoan brute has made an impact on not only his daughter’s life but countless others. He is one of the biggest celebrity names involved with the Make a Wish foundation. Recently, Johnson was honored at the People’s Choice Awards where he received 2021’s People’s Champion Award. In an inspiring thank you speech, The Rock surprised the world by bringing a teenage cancer survivor from the Make a Wish foundation up to the stage, honoring her courage and bravery by bequeathing the award to her. 

With a role model like Dwayne Johnson, Jazzy and her sisters will surely grow up surrounded by love. While plenty of celebrity gossip focuses on the lack of inclusion celebrity parents sometimes have in their children’s lives, The Rock clearly is devoted to being there for his kids. And as he ended his sincere birthday message on Instagram, Johnson promised his daughter he would fly home in time tonight to tuck the newly six-year-old into bed.