Dwayne Johnson Speaks Out On 2024 Presidential Run

By Erika Hanson | 5 seconds ago

Dwayne Johnson

This year has surely been the year of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. As one of the highest-paid and most popular actors in Hollywood, 2021 has brought Johnson smashing box office hits, a booming tequila business, and his debut biographical sitcom. But one thing the Rock can’t seem to shake, and something that’s been on everyone’s mind, is his possible future in politics. Flirting with a possible White House bid for several years, Johnson recently spoke out about the controversial topic.

Dwayne Johnson recently sat down with CNN to reflect on his successful year. Taking time to talk about his film endeavors and even the recent beef between him and his ex Fast and Furious co-star, Vin Diesel, the topic soon turned to the rumors of Johnson’s possible run for Presidency in 2024. When CNN brought up a poll conducted last spring that found almost half of American’s willing to vote in favor of Johnson, the Peoples Champ was once again quizzed to weigh in. In response, Johnson said, “Well, I think that poll of almost half of Americans being in favor of me running for president is so humbling. It sits me down and I don’t know any other way to describe it. To have a little ability to potentially galvanize our country is humbling, very humbling. Might be the Teremana talking here but I still don’t know a damn thing about being a politician. I don’t know if I have that politician gene in my DNA. Leader? Yes. Patriot? All day long. Politician? No”

Fans of the 49-year-old wrestler have seemingly been giving him endorsements for years. In 2017, it was Ellen DeGeneres that first got Dwayne Johnson to publicly announce he was considering a run, and his supporters haven’t backed down since. Speaking of the reasons he would run are somewhat straightforward. His reasoning for the consideration? As he said himself “To serve the people and create a better environment for them.”

While the reasoning is present, it takes a lot more than hopes and dreams to seriously consider a presidential bid or any political run at that. And Dwayne Johnson is definitely not the first, and surely won’t be the last famous face to consider a political career. Austrian-born Terminator vet Arnold Schwarzenegger served as California governor for nearly a decade. As everyone already knows, the 45th president of the United States also was a bit of a celebrity himself before holding the highest office. Even some of The Rock’s old wrestling pals have taken their shot at politics. Former wrestler Jesse Ventura served as the 38th governor of Minnesota. Glenn Jacobs, best known by his wrestling moniker Kane, has been the Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee since 2018. 

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While nearly half the country seems to support Dwayne Johnson’s proposed leap into politics, the flipside has resignations, and some of them are quite justified, as even The Rock seems to realize. Further diving into the topic with CNN, Johnson went on to say, “I feel the best position I can be in right now is to be a trusted, nonjudgmental place for people; regardless of what side of the street you live on, what color you are, what you do for a living, how you choose to live your life, what your bank account says, whether you drive a car or take the bus. I don’t care. None of that matters to me. Just work hard, take care of your family, be good to people, be kind to people, be straight up, honor your word and always [have] some fun along the way. And don’t be an a**hole. Like I said, I don’t think I’d make a good politician.” Many celebrities that flirt with a political run tend to forget that politics is more than just winning, and often lack the knowledge and skills to implement the policies presented to them. Luckily for The Rock, at the young age of 49, he still has 30 years on Biden to train his brain for the job at hand if he chooses so.